5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an RMM Solution

March 30, 2020

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an RMM Solution

By Annie Stroud

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) you are the technology specialist. As experts in hardware and software, MSPs are always remaining knowledgeable about the current and upcoming tech. Their reputation is built on this understanding and they are constantly finding new ways to implement technology to deliver the best solutions.

As the Managed Services business model continues to mature and the capabilities of technology evolves, the criteria used by MSPs to choose the best solutions change. This shift is evident with the following 5 factors MSPs now consider when selecting a Remote Monitoring and Management system.

1. Platform: Legacy software architectures were never built with today’s MSP in mind and are struggling to adapt to the increased demand generated by IoT, large consolidated infrastructures, and everything becoming a managed asset. MSPs are looking for platforms with the capacity and stability to grow and mature with their business.

2. Momentum: New problems are always emerging, and solutions are only as good as the problems they resolve. MSPs are looking for vendors who have a long-term vision, a clear product roadmap, and a track record of delivering product updates frequently and on time.

3. Elegance: Hiring and retaining top talent continues to be a challenge for most SMB/SMEs. MSPs are preferring solutions that help employees to get work done but are also enjoyable to use. The more frustrating software is to use, the more likely employees become dissatisfied with their employment.

4. Security: MSPs are critically inspecting the security mechanics of software solutions and the security postures of software vendors. MSPs have a lot at stake and are moving away from less secure options in favour of solutions that proactively help to secure their business and their end-clients.

5. Experience: There is no one-size-fits-all Customer Experience offering for MSPs after the initial sale. What is preferred are vendors who recognise the diversity of business operations and offer a variety of consulting and support services to accommodate a wide range of scenarios. MSPs are also inquiring with their peer communities to identify software vendors who provide the best support by responding and resolving requests in the quickest time.

As the MSP market continues to mature and MSPs become more knowledgeable through their communities, the experiences of peers are more influential than the words on vendors’ websites. What MSPs prefer for their RMM solution is shifting away from the technical features and ultra-powerful tools toward solutions that actively deliver on a vision, sustain a strong architecture that is capable of growing well into the future.

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