February 09, 2016

Children's Charity avoids a Downtime Nightmare

By Sarah Roberts

Every business has its stakeholders, but a non-profit organisation has more than most. In addition to employees, investors, grant makers, and lenders, a charity also needs to answer to the local authority, beneficiaries, regulators, volunteers, supporters, and most vitally, service users and families. For this final group, it’s imperative that their access to the charity is uninterrupted. It’s just one of the reasons why downtime wasn’t an option for 4Children.

4Children is a national non-profit organisation that offers vital support for children and their families. They work with a wide range of partners around the country to ensure children and families have access to the services and support they need in their communities. For example, their projects have improved access to flexible childcare, and Outreach Workers have helped mend fragmented families. The work they do is so important, downtime could have a massive negative impact on the lives of the service users – not just the organisation’s bottom line.

4Children knew they had to protect themselves by backing up their data, so they used a tape solution to protect 4.5TB of data. However, this had a costly third party Tape Rotation Service contract. They had no Disaster Recovery plans or off-site replication capability, which put them at risk of severe downtime. Replacement servers can take days to arrive, data of that quantity will take another day to transfer and even then all settings, permissions and configurations have been lost.

IT manager Richard Johnson was well aware of this system’s vulnerability. “We needed a good disaster recovery solution to ensure our business continuity plan could be carried out efficiently.”

Fortunately, 4Children partnered with an expert Managed Service Provider, Zed One. The Zed One team knew of a solution that would prevent 4Children from suffering from unnecessary downtime AND save them money: Datto.

Find out more by downloading the Case Study today.

You can also donate to 4Children and support the great work they do here

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