Bundled Services Made MSPeasy: What's in a Bundle?

January 24, 2019

Bundled Services Made MSPeasy: What's in a Bundle?

By Chris Brunau

Bundled services can be whatever you want it to be. For example, the industry an MSP targets - such as Finance or Legal - could dictate the services within their bundle. Or an MSP could bundle services based on related IT functions, such as storage, backup, and disaster recovery. An MSP focused on smaller businesses or startups might include the installation, monitoring, and management of all technology in their bundled offerings.

One popular approach for successful MSPs today: offering various tiers of service. For example, an MSP might offer Gold, Silver, and Bronze tiers designed to meet a variety of customers’ budgets and technology needs. Bundling continues to be popular among MSPs today. According to Kaseya’s recent Global Pricing Survey, 70% of MSPs offer one or more service bundles. Meanwhile, 33% offer three or more bundles of service (up from 27% last year).

Additionally, “high-growth” MSPs tend to offer complete suites of strategic managed services that help their customers meet their business goals. Across the board, they also offer more services than lower growth MSPs.

Michael Patrick, a Solutions Architect with Kentucky-based MSP Mirazon, said that his company offers a single bundle of managed services to their clients and also standardize the technologies they use to deliver services. “I think that’s pretty much the sweet spot for the customer base we have,” Patrick said. “We like the way that it works, and our customers are happy with it as well.”

Ultimately, the decision to bundle services isn’t black and white. Bundled, à la carte, a combo of both - which one is right for your business? In Bundled Services Made MSPeasy, we uncover the pricing and packaging strategies for industry-leading MSPs so you can make an informed decision based on your needs. Grab your copy today!

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