Bad Rabbit Ransomware Spreading in Europe

October 25, 2017

Bad Rabbit Ransomware Spreading in Europe

By Chris Brunau

A new strain of Ransomware has sparked concern as it spreads through various countries. Bad Rabbit ransomware sprung up on October 24, infecting organisations in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Bad Rabbit is spread through a fake Adobe Flash update on compromised websites (similar to what we recently saw with the NFL data breach.) Once the ransomware infects a machine, users are directed to a payment page demanding .05 bitcoin (about $285). 

Luckily, the attack is not spreading as far or quickly as the recent WannaCry and NotPetya attacks. However, Bad Rabbit can also move across a network without user interaction, further complicating things for victims.

As of Wednesday morning, there are only 200 confirmed infections reported to authorities. However, as we found in Datto’s Ransomware Report, fewer than 1 in 3 attacks are reported to the authorities so that number may be higher. To learn more about the current state of ransomware, check out the full report.

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