Another Microsoft 365 Outage Hits Businesses

October 07, 2020

Another Microsoft 365 Outage Hits Businesses

By Andrew Burton

The third outage in less than two weeks has cut access to Microsoft 365 cloud apps such as Microsoft Teams and Outlook, impacting businesses in several regions of the U.S., including the Northeast, parts of the Midwest, and much of California.

At 2:48 p.m. EDT, Microsoft tweeted “We‘re investigating an issue affecting access to Microsoft 365 services. Users may see impact to Microsoft Teams, Outlook, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and”

An hour later, the company followed up with a second tweet, which said “We've identified a recent change that may have resulted in impact to multiple Microsoft 365 services. We've reverted the change and services are recovering.”

Then, at 4:19 p.m., it tweeted “Our investigation determined that a network infrastructure change resulted in accessibility issues. Our telemetry indicates that service is recovering following the reversion.”

At the time of writing, recovery was still underway, according to

SharePoint Online/OneDrive for Business - Services are healthy
Microsoft Teams - Services are healthy
Microsoft Forms - Services are healthy
Microsoft Intune - Services are recovering
Exchange Online - Services are recovering - Services are recovering
Admin center - Services have not recovered
Current status: Further investigation has confirmed that a recent update to network infrastructure resulted in impact to Microsoft 365 services. Our telemetry indicates continued recovery within the environment following the reversion of the update.
Scope of impact: Any user who is attempting to access the impacted services could be impacted by this event.

Outages Highlight Need for SaaS Protection Services

As noted above, this is the third, recent outage impacting Microsoft 365 users. On September 30th, users of cloud-based Microsoft applications including Teams, Microsoft 365, Outlook, Exchange, Sharepoint, OneDrive, and Azure were unable to access the business-critical applications for up to five hours. That was followed by a second outage just two days later. All of these outages impact business productivity.

That’s why SaaS backup is a crucial offering for managed service providers (MSPs). Datto SaaS Protection provides a simple, streamlined process for MSPs to export their clients’ Microsoft data to ensure “offline” continuity. For example, if a client needs to reference a file but can’t access Microsoft 365, the MSP can use an exported version of the latest backup to continue productivity. Once Microsoft systems are back online, the latest version can be uploaded back into OneDrive. Datto SaaS Protection can also make it easier for businesses to resume conversations they may have been having in Microsoft Teams. During an outage, MSPs can export all public channel conversations in an easy to read format to ensure clients’ can continue remote collaboration without disruption.

Learn how Datto SaaS Protection can help keep your clients’ data secure and accessible during Microsoft outages.

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