Almi Machinebouwers Hit With Ransomware!

April 25, 2018

Almi Machinebouwers Hit With Ransomware!

By Annie Stroud

Almi Machinebouwers, a Dutch machine building company, were forced to pay at least 60,000 euros in ransom due to an unexpected cyberattack which caused the business a significant amount of downtime.

Employees were unable to log in into their systems, process orders, create invoices or send emails. Now that’s a lot for one company to lose at once! Frank Landhuis in a recent interview with Sprout, stated that ‘he had never really worried about cybercrime’, but after this attack the company are now taking the necessary precautions and sharing their experience in a hope to raise awareness for other companies.

Although Landhuis paid a total of 8,000 euros to the hackers to unlock the encrypted files, this did not include the overall damage to the company and the profit loss due to downtime. If only Almi Machinebouwers could hit the rewind button and ensure they had a strong Backup and Business Continuity Solution in place!

Landhuis ‘suspects that one of the employees clicked on a link in a phishing e-mail and as a result the ransomware infection happened’. Unfortunately your staff really are the weakest link in your business and unless they have the right cyber education they will always be a risk to your business.

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