7 Steps to Promote Your Next Webinar

April 01, 2020

7 Steps to Promote Your Next Webinar

By Lauren Looney

The global health crisis has altered how we learn, work and live; transforming the world in record time. As we focus on the essentials, we are all doing our best to stay healthy, sane and gainfully employed. With events canceling and face-to-face interactions coming to screeching halt. One fact remains: We must keep going.

Here’s where virtual becomes king. And, due to its low cost structure and ease of accessibility - I predict this pandemic will bring about a long-term shift on how companies utilize virtual platforms.

In the short-term, and not so short-term, here are some steps that I’ve found success when marketing a webinar.

  1. Define and understand your audience: Defining and understanding your audience allows you to develop content that addresses their challenges and goals. Additionally, it helps you understand how to best market your solutions.
  2. Select a Niche Topic - Stand out - Provide Value Choose a topic that will attract attendees, provide value, and drive action.
  3. Include expert speakers: Increase the credibility of your message by including an expert speaker. This is also an efficient way to co-market! #WeAreAllinThisTogether!
  4. Promote Your Webinar - Generate hype: Marketing is a critical component to any successful webinar. As a standard, you should start marketing your webinar at least 3 weeks prior via social media, emails, and calls. You’ll also want to set up a marketing cadence leading up to your webinar. At Datto, we offer our partners a free marketing automation platform called MarketNow. MarketNow allows partners to create (and track) social media and email marketing campaigns, for no charge. Regardless of your method, the key is to market your webinar regularly. Don’t hold back.
  5. Time for Success: Be strategic with the timing of your webinar. According to a study done by GoToMeeting:
    1. The best time of day to hold your webinar is 11 am EST.
    2. People prefer to attend webinars on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
    3. People are more likely to RSVP to your webinar via email on Tuesdays.
  6. Entice registration with a call-to-action (CTA): Why should a prospect register for your webinar? Are the benefits of attending your webinar made clear? Are there any additional benefits to registering? Some of the most effective call-to-actions are those that continue to educate the recipient. Create a call-to-action that’s relevant to the webinar and that promises to provide more information, or services, on the topic.
  7. Prompt Registrants to "add to Calendar": Use your confirmation email and other correspondence to remind registrants to add the webinar to their calendar.

The Takeaway

While drumming up attendance for a webinar during a pandemic can be difficult, there are a thousand reasons for people to tune in. Cybercrime is at an all-time high and small to medium-sized businesses are the number one target. Even worse, SMB’s are relinquishing technical resources to cut costs and criminals are acutely aware.

During this current, rapidly changing, threat landscape; webinars are powerful, cost-effective and necessary. Support your customers today by setting up a webinar. Datto is here to help!

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