400,000 Britons subject to one of the world’s largest data hacks!

September 18, 2017

400,000 Britons subject to one of the world’s largest data hacks!

By Annie Stroud

Equifax, the US based credit reporting company are under investigation due to a recent cyber attack which could show that 400,000 Britons personal data has been stolen. The company handles the data of UK based companies such as British Gas, Capital One and BT, however Equifax have made an effort to reassure customers that they won’t be subject to an identity takeover.

According to reports the attack happened back in July, but customers were only informed last week! The Information Commissioner's Office who work to increase data protection and what happens to consumers personal data, ordered Equifax to inform all UK customers of the data breach. The company is now facing legal claims and The Chief Information Officer and Chief Security Officer have both stepped down with immediate effect. A thorough internal investigation will be carried out as the company work closely with the FBI to find the root of the problem.

Equifax have responded to reports saying, “malicious hackers won access to its systems by exploiting a website application vulnerability",but were unable to provide details on how exactly the hackers did this; suggesting their security might not of been the only thing that let them down.

Equifax plan to contact the 400,000 Britons and offer them a free identity protection service,  if you think you may have been affected. This service will monitor and watch out for signs that could suggest identity theft.

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