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ConnectWise Acquires HTG: Datto's Take

​Today there was some big news in the channel as ConnectWise announced their acquisition of HTG.

Twas The Eve Before Christmas....

Twas the eve before Christmas when all through the night Not a solution was recovering a business in sight The stockings were filled with every Datto in town Ready to stop every business from going down.

How To Protect Against Ransomware

With the amount of ransomware cases seeming to increase every day, wouldn’t it be nice to have amazing tips to protect yourself? Well, you’re in luck.

BREAKING: What We Know about the Uber Data Breach

Hackers stole the personal data of 57 million customers and drivers from Uber Technologies Inc., a massive breach that the company concealed for more than a year. Here's what you need to know about this latest breach.

Only 25% Of UK Law Firms Are Prepared For GDPR

With GDPR right around the corner, it comes as no surprise that companies are either rushing to make sure they are ready, or are not prepared at all. A recent report from CenturyLink has stated that only 25% of UK Law Firms are prepared for GDPR. Over 150 legal sector IT decision makers in the UK were questioned and only 25% believe that they are compliant with GDPR at present.

A Message From A Hacker... “You just got owned...”

​"I have access to all your photos. Your darkest Facebook messages. I can steal your identity. I can become you..."

Are You GDPR Ready?

As you may be aware, the new regulations for GDPR will come into effect as of May 25th 2018. If you’re already complying with the current Data Protection Act (DPA) you will find that many of the GDPR regulations are one in the same. However, there are many new elements and significant changes which will affect the running of your business. There will be many procedures you need to do for the first time and some which you will need to start doing differently.

'Sorry Sir, Google Docs Ate My Homework…'

If you were one of the unlucky ones who fell victim to Google Documents being inaccessible on Wednesday 15th November, then now might be a good time to ask yourself, ‘are my files really protected from Ransomware and cyber attacks or could I be doing more?’. According to a recent BBC report, the online document system was down for many users across the world, meaning that a large number of businesses faced a significant amount of downtime.

Google Accounts Under Attack!

A case study by Google and UC Berkeley suggests that nearly 250,000 login names and passwords for Google accounts are being stolen by cyber-thieves every week! Google have said that the research has helped them secure account data found on websites and criminal forums which have been taken using hacking tools.

Scottish Government Outlines New Cyber Security Plans

Plans to protect Scottish public organisations from cyber attacks has been fast tracked due to the global WannaCry outbreak in May this year. As attacks are more and more imminent, public organisations have been ordered to improve their defence against these types of attacks.

DattoCon17 London was out of this world!

This year DattoCon17 was bigger and better than ever before! We brought several updates to our SIRIS and Alto ranges, as well as to our Partner Portal, our marketing Platform (MarketNow) and showcased some of the latest products we are working on in our lab!

Netflix Email Scam Hits Millions of Subscribers

Nearly 110 million Netflix subscribers are the target of a new phishing email scam.

Ransomware Resurrection!

From eye of newt to wing of bat, Datto have heard there’s a cyber rat!

Born in the Cloud - Why Datto Networking Was Built for MSPs

When speaking with Datto partners, one of their favorite features of the Datto Networking product line is the ease-of-use and MSP-centric setup.

Datto Joins the Vista Equity Partners Family, Merges with Autotask

We’re excited to announce a new Datto milestone. Datto has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Vista Equity Partners. Vista is a leading investment firm focused on software, data and technology businesses and truly understands the MSP ecosystem and our vision for growth.

Bad Rabbit Ransomware Spreading in Europe

A new strain of ransomware has sparked concern as it spreads through various countries.

DattoCon London: Datto Networking Now Available In Europe

DattoCon London is underway with Datto Networking front and center.

DattoCon 2017 Survival Guide!

We know that DattoCon17 London is jam packed and full of all the good stuff! Whilst this is a good thing it might make it hard for you to get through the whole agenda! To help you out, we have put together some of the unmissable goings on!

Datto at IP EXPO!

If you have never been to an expo before, then I advise you to sign up for the next one, immediately! Not just for all the free fidget spinners and pick ‘n’ mix, but also for the atmosphere, the energy and the priceless education you will receive.

5 Reasons Why DattoCon17 London Is Unmissable

DattoCon. The biggest event of the year. Over 350 Datto Partners attending and one of the most exciting conference agendas you have ever feasted your eyes upon. So why are you not registered?

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