Taylor Ryan


Taylor Ryan is the CEO of Klint, an International Growth-Hacking and Digital Marketing Agency

6x Start-up Founder From Washington, DC, living in Copenhagen, Denmark

13+ years of marketing experience spread across dozens of industries

Over the last five years, Taylor has built and run the marketing departments for some of the most successful startups in Denmark (Resulting in 2 acquisitions, one merger, and 1 IPO).

Taylor runs workshops on corporate innovation for larger enterprises in Europe and North America.

Finalist for eco-system hero of the year - Denmark - 2020

Often described as the “best growth-hacker in Denmark,” Taylor also regularly works with various global startup accelerators and incubators.

Currently, Taylor runs a growth-hacking agency, masterclasses/online courses, an award-winning Saas start-up for Architects, and mentoring startups.