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Achieve peace of mind with frequent and automatic validation of backup integrity, immediately after completion.


Datto has partnered with ownCloud to offer two of the most groundbreaking advances in FSS: Datto Drive on SIRIS, and Datto Drive.

Datto Drive on SIRIS is a true locally-hosted on-prem enterprise file sync and share solution, served on your SIRIS appliance, and included for no additional cost. Built on the ownCloud platform, it's more secure, and it is fast because it is local, and in true Datto fashion it's all backed up in the Datto Cloud.

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Datto Drive on SIRIS provides:

  • Hosting location: On-premise where your data is most secure
  • Logging and Auditing: Track and trace who has access to your files, plus when and where they viewed them
  • Versioning: Keep files up-to-date and easily identify when changes occur
  • File Firewall / Advanced Permissions: Made to be managed by MSPs for a high level of security based on permissions and policies decided by you
  • Enterprise-level functionality, but made for small businesses: Cost-effective for small businesses

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Locally-hosted FSS is now free with SIRIS

Share, access, and synchronize files stored right on your SIRIS 3 device from anywhere, using your desktop, laptop, or mobile devices.

To enable Datto Drive on SIRIS 3 on your devices go to your device settings, click on Configure -> Global Device Settings, then click Enable Datto Drive. It's that simple. For details on how to sync / backup files and folders to your Datto Drive on SIRIS 3 use the ownCloud Desktop Client. You can find complete documentation for the Desktop Client here.

For your phone, desktop, laptop, or tablet, just download the ownCloud app. ownCloud on SIRIS 3 uses the secure Datto Cloud as a relay to enable seamless syncing and sharing right from your device. That means you don't need access to your local area network

Datto Drive on SIRIS is available with any SIRIS 3 device at no additional cost.

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