Instant Virtualization

Virtualize your entire business infrastructure locally or in the secure Datto Cloud in as little as 6 seconds.

How does it work?

Datto Instant Virtualization allows a protected system to be virtualized and hosted either locally on a Datto BCDR appliance (SIRIS), or remotely in the secure Datto Cloud (SIRIS and ALTO) in seconds

Regardless if the recovery point is months or even years old, Datto’s DRaaS solutions end the long RTOs caused from reconstructing backups on disk or restoring from magnetic tape.

When virtualizing a recovery point, Datto’s advanced web interface allows for configuration of CPU and memory resources.

Network resources can also be configured dynamically, allowing for changes to be made without restarting the virtual machine. While virtualized, backup clients can continue a normal backup schedule. Business continuity has never been as easy or as reliable.

Datto's Instant Virtualization provides:

True local Virtualization:

Run virtual machines directly on the Datto appliance, simplifying restore scenarios for businesses and MSPs

Protect and virtualize anything, restore anywhere:

Instantly virtualize anything that can be protected (physical systems and virtual - either with agents, or with agentless backups), virtualize physical with virtual BCDR, or even virtual with a physical BCDR

Physical server restore, before repair:

Now backup data is immediately accessible for restore by physical servers , even before replacement disks arrive in the mail

Hybrid virtualization:

Virtualize and spin up any recovery point in seconds - even from long-term retention (archive)

What is Instant Virtualization?

Instant Virtualization

The total device takes a backup of your entire system at regular intervals It constantly updates, validates, and stores image based backup files as VMDKs

Six second recovery

There are many reasons why long RTOs are still so frequent: reconstructing incremental backups or processing a backup chain. Loading tapes

Making a clone. Waiting for parts in the mail. The ability to respond to server and site failure with a low-RTO recovery once cost a fortune and involved complex custom infrastructure.

Datto’s DRaaS solution makes true business continuity possible for tens of thousands of businesses. Instant virtualization from Datto, combined with Datto’s leading flexibility of recovery options, brings that RTO down not to hours - or minutes - but seconds. Failed systems may be virtualized almost instantly on (or using) a Datto BCDR device, or remotely in the secure Datto Cloud, allowing the business to remain operational without compromising any data or incurring any downtime.

Datto's six second recovery is made possible with the use of “zero-copy clones” provided by Datto's advanced storage technology, and the fully-constructed dependency-free recovery points made available with Datto's Inverse Chain Technology. Instant Virtualization is available with all Datto ALTO and SIRIS products, and benefits both physical and virtual protected servers.

Storage Efficiency

Datto has more recovery and restart options than any other DRaaS solution, including iSCSI restore, but IT service providers demand optimal scalability and simplicity

For DRaaS that provides “instant” recovery at the fleet level, nothing matches the simplicity and value of an on-premises BCDR appliance to run applications in-place, on the BCDR, using its native hypervisor.

Datto SIRIS BCDR appliances offer the most powerful, simple, and efficient local virtualization available. All Datto SIRIS appliances use the KVM hypervisor. But there is much more to supporting local virtualization successfully than simply adding an enterprise class hypervisor to a backup appliance. True local virtualization on Datto SIRIS BCDR appliances offers:

True local virtualization on Datto SIRIS BCDR appliances offers:

Linux and Windows support

The largest selection of supported OSes available

The fastest restarts

Using ZFS to clone any recovery point in milliseconds - and only seconds to spin up

Storage efficiency

Reducing CPU and I/O load on backup servers and storage - only a single copy provides backup and space for instant virtualization

Sandbox testing

With no additional load on production systems, the same automated validation of backups with Screenshot Backup Verification

More restore points

Local virtualization of any recovery point on the BCDR, not just the latest

Protect and Virtualize Anything, Restore Anywhere


SIRIS Virtual


Local 2

Restore to Virtual 2

Restore to Physical


Restore to Virtual 2

Restore to Physical


Restore to Virtual 2

Restore to Physical

Physical Server

Virtual Server w/ Agent

Virtual Server Agentless

1 SIRIS 3 appliances includes SIRIS 3 BCDR appliances and SIRIS 3 Imaged appliances

2 Apple OSX, protected with Datto’s Mac Agent, cannot be virtualized on a SIRIS appliance, or restored to a virtual machine

Hybrid Virtualization

Physical Appliances + Cloud

Hybrid Virtualization is available on ALTO and SIRIS, and benefits both physical and virtual protected servers.

Datto BCDR appliances maximize storage efficiency, but long-term retention requires the oldest recovery points (the archive) to be maintained only offsite in the Datto Cloud

This is necessary to free up BCDR capacity for the newer backups. Datto uses a Hybrid Cloud architecture to intelligently converge the storage and compute capabilities of the on-premises BCDR appliances with the Datto Cloud.

Hybrid Virtualization offers the capability of instant Virtualization of a protected system but for when the recovery point has already been copied offsite. Hybrid Virtualization initializes a virtual machine within the secure Datto Cloud, and then automatically connects that VM to the local network through the Datto BCDR using a secure VPN tunnel. Hybrid Virtualization allows :

  • Instant virtualization capability on any size BCDR - Including the entry-level Datto ALTO appliance
  • Instant virtualization of the even oldest recovery points - Even if it considered “archived” in the offsite Datto Cloud
  • Leveraging the Datto Cloud compute - Use Datto Cloud compute to maximize available resources for local workloads

Physical server restore, before repair

Your Datto protects and virtualizes physical and virtual servers alike but there may be a scenario where restoring a physical server must be done using that server.

Consider servers for computer-aided manufacturing (“CAM”) servers, or systems driving peripherals in a manufacturing environment. What to do if the HDD fails?

Datto’s new Diskless Restore capability, available with SIRIS and ALTO, makes a previous version of the data on your physical server’s disks accessible from the Datto via iSCSI. Instead of virtualizing a recovery point directly from the Datto appliance, you can virtualize from any target hardware capable of booting from a USB stick. This allows users to continue to use the physical server as if it was still running the operating system (OS) previous to the disastrous update and any peripherals that were attached. You can read more here .