Hybrid Cloud

With Datto's Hybrid Cloud, backups are stored and archived in proprietary data centers for easy access.

How does it work?

The Datto Hybrid Cloud Platform seamlessly unifies Datto appliances with the resources of the Datto Cloud, providing the most available, cost-effective, and capable business continuity platform.

A hybrid cloud approach allows Datto to provide secure onsite backup and DRaaS, ensuring recoverability in any disaster scenario. On-prem servers are protected with Datto BCDR appliances and mirrored automatically to the Datto Cloud, improving fault tolerance while both increasing available resources for DR scenarios and providing immediate access to all retained backups.

Partners who leverage the Datto Hybrid Cloud offer their clients peace of mind with systems like SIRIS, ALTO, and Datto NAS.

Taking your clients into the future of innovation means that you provide them with availability and data integrity with replication and resiliency that enables standards compliance, while freeing them from the hassles and costs of magnetic tape backups. The Datto Hybrid Cloud is built to ensure your reputation is maintained as a trusted advisor to your clients.

Datto's Hybrid Cloud provides:

Availability and Data Integrity for any sized business:

Local and offsite backups with ZFS data integrity

Departure from tape archives

Reduced necessity to purchase more local storage as a result of data growth or backup pruning restrictions

Standards compliance:

Confidently comply with regulatory mandates relating to data protection and data recoverability

Infrastructure control for MSPs:

Best-in-class solutions without platform maintenance responsibility

Bandwidth optimization:

Datto SpeedSync weighted replication, with efficient LZMA2 compression

A smarter hybrid cloud

Is your business deciding between the high up-front costs of a private cloud solution, versus a public cloud, which offers seamless scalability but ever-increasing monthly fees and even greater exit migration costs?

A hybrid cloud approach can unify these two approaches, but costs and capabilities are often limited by poor integration between general purpose clouds and general purpose appliances.

The Datto Cloud was built for remote backup, archive, DR and availability - and perfectly extends Datto’s on-premise appliances to provide Datto's Hybrid Cloud Platform. Systems within the Datto Cloud leverage Datto's Inverse Chain Technology, and unify backup with an RPO-optimized DR solution, to provide the best DRaaS solution available. Datto's Hybrid Cloud Platform is employed on SIRIS 3 (Appliances, Virtual or Imaged) and ALTO business continuity solutions.

Datto NAS is a network-attached storage that also benefits from the Datto Hybrid Cloud Platform

As users share documents, it takes snapshots of their data (as often as every five minutes) so they can easily roll back to previous versions of anything being worked on. All data syncs to the secure Datto Cloud so it is always accessible, even in the event of a disaster.


Availability and Data Integrity for any sized business

With a hybrid cloud backup solution, backup images are stored on-premises and mirrored to cloud data centers, so they can be accessed in the event that local restoration is not available locally (i.e. a disaster scenario). Third-party cloud DRaaS providers can offer space and offsite compute in the cloud at lower costs than the average MSP could provide if they built their own cloud.

Datto BCDR devices maintain backups on premises, protected by pre-existing firewalls, security protocols, and encryption. Devices also provide offsite replication to a primary data center. Some device models also provide optional 90-day replication to a secondary data center.

All Datto appliances and cloud nodes uses the advanced ZFS file system both onsite and in the Datto Cloud. ZFS guarantees protection from drive failures, but more importantly protects against silent data corruption. As a DRaaS solution, the Datto’s Hybrid Cloud Platform also provides the flexibility of Instant Virtualization of backup clients using the compute from the local BCDR appliance, or in the Datto Cloud, for simple yet maximum availability for BC/DR. The robust 300 PB Datto Cloud also provides cloud storage for Datto Backupify and Datto Drive.


Departure from tape archives

Using magnetic tapes for long-term retention adds risk. Tapes must be transported and can be lost or stolen. They must be physically destroyed when retention is up. Managing your own tapes adds even more costs, as for compliance it is often required not just to have monthly copies of data for several years for compliance, and those copies must exist at a minimum of two locations — leading to increased costs.

DRaaS from Datto can eliminate reliance on tape for long-term retention. The Datto Hybrid Cloud Platform allows the Datto Cloud to be leveraged for effectively unlimited offsite capacity via Time-Based Retention or Infinite Cloud Retention (ICR). Files can be restored with ease whether they are on-site or off-site, so businesses do not need to worry about losing access to their data. Backup Insights extends to all recovery points, allowing immediate access to archived (long-term retention) backups.

The ability for Datto appliances to easily prune off local copies of older backups that have already been replicated and secured offsite is a flexibility only possible with Datto's Inverse Chain Technology. This reduces the necessity to purchase more local storage as a result of data growth, creating a backup infrastructure that is scalable to their data growth requirements.

Standards compliance

Many SMBs are subject to regulatory mandates such as the GDPR or HIPAA that require them to:

  • Protect specified data from loss or corruption

  • Retain specified records for a specified period of time

  • Document successful testing of data recovery mechanisms

To remediate data corruption, for example, an SMB may need to roll back to the most recent uncorrupted version of the data. However, data corruption often escapes immediate detection. That means that an SMB depending exclusively on local backup might have to maintain numerous incremental versions of every file in order to ensure that it always had an uncorrupted version of its data. This would obviously add to the cost of data protection. A cloud solution is much more practical way to help ensure that you always have a readable copy of your data.

Datto's Hybrid Cloud Platform goes a step further. Backup data integrity is automatically checked via Datto's Advanced Backup Verification which alerts MSPs if a data integrity issue has been detected, helping to protect against data corruption that can occur in the backup process itself. This is a non-trivial risk that can be especially problematic when it involves data covered by regulatory mandates. It also provides a means of tangibly demonstrating to regulatory auditors that mechanisms have been put in place to help ensure the integrity of the backed up data.

Industry and Government Regulations

Providing total data protection to your clients can help them to comply with the GDPR, HIPAA, and many other standards and regulations that may apply to them.

Infrastructure control for MSPs

The Datto Hybrid Cloud Platform for DRaaS empowers MSPs and VARs to maintain their reputation as trusted advisors for their clients' IT infrastructures

By having an device on premises with their client, a MSP retains local presence and the personal touch they lend to each client. MSPs may have visibility to every aspect of daily on-premises backup operations. The device on premises enables faster and more frequent backups, improved RTO, and ensures automated backup even when offsite access is underperforming.

Given that the MSP only needs to regulate the local side of the backup infrastructure, the manpower necessary to support hybrid cloud solutions is far less than that of a private cloud. The responsibilities of maintaining data centers, covering bandwidth costs, developing software and hardware updates, etc. are the responsibility of the vendor. Lasting relationships with channel-only solution providers facilitate strong strategic partnerships between resellers and vendors. Vendors are available to assist their partners with implementation, troubleshooting, sales, marketing, and support to help partners succeed.