Women Encouraging Women

April 30, 2019

Women Encouraging Women

By: Alexa Papp

At Datto we use Slack, a cloud-based collaboration tool, to facilitate communication among teams, between individuals, as well as for groups with similar interests. In 2016, Emily Glass, now Datto’s Chief Product Officer, created a channel called #dattowit. “WIT” stands for Women in Technology and the group invites women, men, and gender-neutral employees from all over the company to communicate with, mentor, share, and encourage one another.

“I think the #dattowit channel is an important way that the women at Datto are able to connect globally,” explains Emily. “It’s a place for us to celebrate our accomplishments and support each other. Because we are a global company, it can be easy to forget there is a community of people who want you to do well, and this Slack channel allows anyone to tap into that community energy and we help spur each other on when needed.”

In addition to giving celebratory and supportive shout outs to one another for great achievements, this inspired group of employees:

  • Posts articles, research, and news around women’s rights and women in the workplace
  • Provides feedback and mentorship for one another
  • Shares opportunities for professional development and women’s leadership training
  • Starts in-depth discussions on a variety of topics

To give you more insight into what the community is like we’ve asked three active WIT individuals to contribute feedback on the value #dattowit brings to Datto.

“I think that the #dattowit channel is really important. It gives the women of Datto a safe community to go to when they need support or have something to celebrate. Because there are so few women in tech, we need to support each other and lift each other up as we rise within our own careers,” explained Talent Development Coordinator, Hannah Schack. “I like to use the channel to celebrate each other's successes, share funny memes or GIFs (related to feminism, of course), to solicit feedback from the community, and to share our experiences and words of wisdom.”

Director of Software Engineering, Charlene Bunting, shared how the #dattowit channel is nurturing a community of amazing women when she said, “I especially love exchanging empowering information with this community. In our channel, I have discovered great professional development articles along with conference opportunities. It is so wonderful to see this group actively building each other up using this forum."

“I can't say enough about how supportive our #dattowit community is. From posting articles about getting ahead as a woman in STEM, to social media shares, to Pixar's short on toxic work cultures, Datto's WIT channel is full of valuable and relatable content,” explained Chelsea Doherty, Partner Accounts Specialist. “On top of that, the community aims to lift up and include a wonderfully intersectional group of colleagues by posting job openings and networking events and providing on-the-spot advice for anyone seeking it. I wouldn't hesitate to drive any of them to the airport and that's saying something!”

As our company grows, so does the #dattowit Slack channel. If you’re interested in joining our diverse, intelligent, and empowered community of women in technology, take a look at our most recent open roles.