With Training Complete, Now The Real Work Begins

July 5, 2016

With Training Complete, Now The Real Work Begins

By: Haley Schiffer

Back to the training crew. Days 3 and 4 of training were more specialized than the rest. Everyone had split up into their specialty and I joined the sales training team.

While it was not within my specific field, it was awesome to see everyone again and learn more from Dan. This crew was much more specific, so our group was only about four people. We were a big ol’ melting pot, compiled of one of the UK girls, one Australian boy, a Connecticut native and me, along with Dan.

Dan focused on everything we still didn’t understand and we spoke to a member of the Boston sales team. We also focused on the different portals like Homepool and Marketo along with what Hipchat is.

The crew and I were super confused with ransomware and virtualization, which are HUGE for Datto, but not as big as their business continuity (I told you, Dan, I totally got this).  We learned about the difference between the Boston office and the Norwalk office and how each department will intertwine with the others.

We got our lunch break, and this is where the fun really began. None of us really knew where to go or where people eat, but it was a Friday, which means free lunch Friday, or at least I think that’s what they call it. Basically, everyone comes down in different shifts and gets to munch on everything they put out, and it’s catered, so it’s pretty exciting.

Our sub-crew found some of the other interns, and sat down together to eat and talk about how work was going so far. The best part of working at Datto is that you’re always surrounded by new technology and exciting things. That’s where the virtual reality gaming system comes in. I don’t even know how to explain it, so you definitely have to stop by Datto’s 7th floor in Norwalk and check it out, but basically you put this helmet on that comes with goggles and earphones so that you think you’re in this other world. You can select a game with lasers or archery or even just sit around petting a virtual dog all day (my favorite part).

After lunch we went back to our training room and went over some last-minute questions and a presentation. Dan sent us some google doc help sheets and the crew said goodbye as we all went our own ways to our different departments.

What are my biggest takeaways you might ask? Protecting business data, no matter where it lives. See Dan, I finally got it! No, seriously he made us say this like 15 times. Not only did I learn a lot of the basics of technology and how your computer is secretly a kitchen, but I gained a confidence where if I have any problems and I need help in sales or biz dev (business development) I can go over to one of my new friends and ask them without being lost.