What Do Our Interns Think Of Datto?

July 6, 2016

What Do Our Interns Think Of Datto?

By: Katie Martel

With countless benefits, free lunch Fridays, a fully stocked fridge accompanied by a fun, respectful work environment, it’s no secret that Datto is a great place to work. But what about Datto’s intern program? Surely interns can’t enjoy themselves that much, can they? Speaking from experience, I can assure you that they certainly do. In fact, the line between full-time employees and interns is very blurred. Interns are included in and assigned projects that full-time employees are involved with. You definitely won’t find any “coffee and donut” fetching here.  

It’s my second summer internship here at Datto and I couldn’t be happier to be back! It has not only served as an incredible learning opportunity, but as a personal growth experience as well. The support and respect amongst team members and coworkers is always present. Datto is the best example of a healthy and happy work environment, regardless of your title. But don’t just take it from me, let’s hear from some of our current interns!

Here’s the type of work environment you can expect:

“The first time I walked into Datto I felt at home. The employees were all so welcoming and the state of the art office spaces truly inspire creativity and innovation and an overall happy work environment. I have learned much more than I ever thought I would in such a short period of time. I have been treated like a regular full-time member of the Datto family and have been given legitimate responsibilities just like any other employee.” -Harris Nagle (Harris is a rising senior at Marist College. He works on our Infrastructure Engineering in Norwalk, CT)

“After working here as an intern for only two weeks, I already feel like a valued member of the Datto team. I am completing tasks that actually matter and are useful to the products, unlike  other internships where the interns just sit around all day and fetch coffee for the employees. I have been warmly welcomed by those around me, and the fact that interns have mentors who are always there to help makes the job that much more fun!”-Claire Pickhardt (Claire is a rising senior at Allegheny College. She works on our Software Engineering team in Norwalk, CT)

“I've been really satisfied with my experience here...everybody seems really kind. It's crazy how much trust Datto has with their interns. Though, we learned in training that one of Datto's core values is trust, so I suppose it makes sense.” -Anthony Liu (Anthony is a rising sophomore at MIT. He works on our API team in Boston.)

“Datto is so fun that I actually enjoy waking up in the morning and coming into work.” -Jake Dulin (Jake is a junior at Rochester Institute of Technology and works on our Admin Portal Team as well as Software Engineering team in Norwalk, CT)

“The experience interning so far has been pretty great. I feel like I've been able to get up to speed reasonably quickly. The team has been very supportive, helping to teach me the code base and get me to be proficient in ruby.” -Will Hartman (Will is a senior at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He works on our BREW team in Boston.)

How your downtime can be spent:

"Most of my coworkers tend to play a lot of video games and fool around with nerf guns. They invite me to the gaming room and have even given me a nerf gun of my own, so I join in whenever I can! We tend to have a lot of fun around here.” -Kubra Binici (Kubra is in her third year at the Rochester Institute of Technology. She works on our User Experience team in Norwalk, CT.)

What sort of assignments you can expect as an intern:

"The projects I work on are interesting, challenging, and meaningful. Even as an intern I have had the opportunity to work on sophisticated projects which will clearly benefit a large audience of users." -Christopher Sprague (Christopher is a fourth year at Rochester Institute of Technology. He works on our research and development team in Norwalk, CT)

“Datto has the resources of a corporation but the feel of a startup. It's a very friendly community with a lot of exciting work.” -Patrick Insinger (Patrick is a sophomore at MIT. He works on our Research and Development team in Boston.)

“The coolest part of being an intern at Datto is that you aren't ‘just an intern’. You're expected to work on the same projects as the full-time developers and you actually get treated just like a regular employee at Datto.” -Jake Dulin (Jake is a junior at Rochester Institute of Technology and works on our Admin Portal Team as well as Software Engineering team in Norwalk, CT)

Interning for Datto certainly provides an incredible opportunity to learn and gain real experience in the tech industry, but it also goes beyond the work you’re assigned. Interning at Datto gives you the opportunity to work at a company where you are valued as an employee and as a person. It allows you to work alongside people who care about your successes and professional growth. Sprinkle in some fun and it’s a recipe for a truly rewarding experience! Whether it’s the nerf gun fights, free lunches or the legitimacy of the assignments that entice you, interning at Datto truly is as good as it sounds.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a part of the Datto family, you can check out a list of current available internships here and full time positions here!