Welcome To the Datto Tech and Culture Blog

May 11, 2015

Welcome To the Datto Tech and Culture Blog

By: Chris Brunau

What is it like to work at Datto?  That question is the reason we launched this blog.  As a fast growing tech company that is hiring hundreds of people a year, with offices in Norwalk, CT, Boston, MA, Rochester, NY, Canada and the U.K, we wanted to make sure that candidates everywhere can have a chance to understand Datto's culture and determine whether or not we are a fit.

What I love about Datto is the uniqueness of so many people here.  I like to say that Datto hires "weirdos," but I really mean that as a term of endearment.  We have an employee here who was in a movie as a child, a classically trained violinist, three employees who have their pyrotechnic licenses, and several programmers who lead or actively contribute to major open source projects.  But it doesn't stop there.  When you dig around inside Datto, you find all sorts of really smart, really interesting people.  The goal of this blog is profile those people, their thoughts, and the cool things they get to do day to day.

So stay tuned, as we provide you an inside look into what it is like to work at Datto - the world's best company for backup, data protection, and business continuity.