The Glory of #DattoLife on the Road

March 25, 2016

The Glory of #DattoLife on the Road

By: Samantha Ciaccia

For this week's Tech & Culture Blog, Sam Ciaccia, Channel Engagement Manager, shares her Datto experience. 

I love traveling, building relationships with our partners, and I’m thankful for every opportunity I have to do so. Last year alone, I ran 41 events in four different countries. Of course, traveling isn’t always as fun. Airports aren’t the cleanest or the most comfortable places and traffic is exhausting.

However, there’s one beautiful thing that each trip has in common, and that’s #DattoLife. Every part of the Datto family has contributed to building this amazing story, and it seems unfair to be one of the few people to enjoy it. Therefore, I’d like to share some experiences I’ve had and feedback I’ve received.

“Your Support is the BEST”

This is the most common. Not only do people rave about Datto Support, but it’s the first thing they say when they come to our booth. It’s an amazing feeling, and something that each and every person in support should be extremely proud of. As I’m saying “thank you,” it feels wrong to take credit for the incredible work of our technical support team.

“It just WORKS”

Partners tell me how nice it is to work with a solution they can trust. Our reputation even funnels through to MSPs who aren’t Datto partners. Both the Product and Development Teams should know how much love and praise we get at every show because of the reliable technology they have developed.

“And the winner is…Datto!”

My team and I work hard on our events, and it pays off. Recruiting new partners, up sales for existing partners, brand awareness, relationship building, preserving our reputation and awards - the most instantaneous indicator of our success. The majority of events have awards where the attendees vote for their favorite vendor in various categories. In the past year, we’ve collected over 80 industry awards and the streak is continuing in 2016. Most recently, we were honored with seven awards from the Canadian Reseller Choice Awards.

We’ve built something amazing that the channel is recognizing. At the Robin Robins event in Nashville, just two days after the Datto Drive webcast announcement, almost everyone we talked to (MSPs and vendors) asked us about it. Our partners were tuned in, and if they couldn’t watch live, they were requesting I send them the recording. It’s certainly an exciting time to work at Datto. If you’re interested in being a part of what we’ve built, check out our careers page for some current job openings.