The Face Behind The Fun: A Q&A With Datto Event Planner, Kate Scully

December 18, 2015

The Face Behind The Fun: A Q&A With Datto Event Planner, Kate Scully

By: Chris Brunau

Kate Scully is an Event Planner at Datto. In this role Kate is responsible for planning the majority of Datto events, such as holiday parties, new hire happy hours, various athletic leagues, volunteer opportunities, community service projects, and more! She recently shared her unique responsibilities and role at Datto with us.

Can you describe your role a bit, maybe give some insight into a typical day for you?

The Event Planner at Datto involves any type of planning and coordinating, big and small. My job consists of organizing our bigger company events such as the holiday parties, summer parties and our yearly sales kick off. But it also involves smaller monthly events like happy hours or paint balling and we also have some cool events on the agenda for the winter.

What’s it like planning summer and holiday parties for the various offices?

It starts out with researching and finding the right venue. I have to go to different sites to check out the location and see if it’s appropriate for our event and works with the budget. After the venue is secured, I decide on a theme, get the food, beverages, entertainment, furniture and games or activities set up. I also have to plan the holiday party for the Boston and Rochester offices which have their own themes as well. For our Norwalk party, that involved creating a Game Of Thrones theme, and Boston had a Great Gatsby theme, which was reflected with the food, music, decorations, games and beverages.

What’s it like planning other events such as Star Wars movie night, pajama day, ugly sweater parties?

Many events happen because CEO Austin McChord may have an idea, and suggest we should do something fun for the employees related to it and then I just run with it. I had to call around and find a venue that was willing to give us a whole theater and let us do a few things of our own. After that, it’s a lot of organizing the employees by seeing who is going to come, who can bring guests, getting them the right information so the event  can go as smoothly as possible. For the Star Wars movie night, we had to find a venue that would rent out an entire theater for Datto’s Norwalk office for the midnight showing.

Aside from the fun and games, you recently put together a very successful food drive, and are in the middle of our holiday toy drives. Can you talk about these?

When I started here, something I wanted to bring to Datto was more community outreach. We actually have a charitable contributions committee we are launching with a big kickoff in 2016. We want the committee to reflect what our employees care about through causes that are important to them. Recently, we had a very successful Thanksgiving food drive across our US offices, and we’re currently running our holiday toy drive which is bringing in a ton of gifts for needy children. It’s really important for Datto to get involved in more community functions to give back.

Anything else that you’d like to share related to your job?

This is a really fun role because I get to meet a lot of people across Datto’s offices. Whether it's from people coming to me with new event ideas, or going to events, setting them up, etc. It’s been a great time so far and it’s a really cool position because it allows me to do a wide variety of things that I love.