Tech Support MVPs Hit SpiceWorld

November 29, 2016

Tech Support MVPs Hit SpiceWorld

By: Chris Brunau

Two Datto Tech Support Experts recently headed to SpiceWorld on Behalf of Datto. Steve Lersner and Jeremy Tedesco were selected as part of Datto's Tech Support MVP program for their outstanding work with partners.

While at the event, Steve and Jeremy had a variety of duties, which included setting up the booth at the event as well as spending the day at the booth and speaking with attendees about the Datto technology.

According to Steve and Jeremy, it was a unique experience speaking with so many end users who were unfamiliar with Datto. “It was a good experience to get our brand out there. We ran them through a lot of the features of the Datto solution,” said Jeremy.

In addition to speaking about the Datto technology, they learned a lot about the attendees and their current backup practices. “It was interesting. I spoke with a lot of people about how they currently take backups who are relying on some outdated practices. They were pretty amazed by the Datto technology and how much time it will likely save them. I was shocked to hear how many people still use tape backup” said Steve.

Steve and Jeremy were joined by members of the Business Development Team, Sales, QA, and Development. This provided a variety of experience and knowledge for them to offer to any event attendees who were looking for more information about Datto.

“Although my voice got pretty worn out, it was fun to interact and talk with the attendees. Especially when we had the chance to give them a run through of the Datto technology,” said Steve.