Tech Support Expert Honored With DattoByte Award

September 8, 2016

Tech Support Expert Honored With DattoByte Award

By: Chris Brunau

Datto’s tech support team goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure both internal and external issues are resolved. Kyle Mace is no different. Because of that, Kyle was recently honored with August’s DattoByte award.

“It was a really nice surprise and honor to find out I had won the award. I didn’t expect to be picked at all,” said Kyle.

Kyle was honored for his work outstanding work and exemplifying Datto’s values as a Level-2 Tech Support Expert working out of our Rochester Office. Kyle started about 10 months ago, and quickly worked his way up from a Level-1 tech to his current position. Thanks to Kyle’s knowledge and attitude, he has become a go-to guy for questions. He recently moved to the night shift, which provides a unique experience compared to the tech support day shift. Working the night shift entails a large amount of disaster recovery scenarios, and it also allows techs more time to dig into issues, and the opportunity to get in depth with tickets.

For Kyle, winning the DattoByte is all about teamwork both in tech support as well as the other departments throughout Datto. “To me, being a true Datto employee is all about exemplifying the spirit of cooperation. Working and communicating with other departments and ensuring that everyone is aware they can come to me no matter what issue they have”