SIRIS Pancakes Lands On Vidyard's Best Video Countdown

January 15, 2016

SIRIS Pancakes Lands On Vidyard's Best Video Countdown

By: Chris Brunau

What do world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay and Datto’s signature SIRIS device have in common? Not a whole lot but it turns out Ramsay may have found a new, innovative way to make a yummy pancake.

At a company like Datto, you’d expect to find tech support, software developers and training staff; but you may not be aware that we have our own digital media specialists as part of our Marketing team.

Fuji Panjali and Eric Vondell are the brains behind our photography and video content. We recently highlighted their work for the Datto trailers that were created in honor of our Connecticut office outing for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

In 2015, Fuji and Eric collaborated on a fun video for DattoCon 2015, a spoof of Gordon Ramsay’s cooking show featuring our SIRIS device - an unlikely but delightful combination!

When Vidyard recently compiled their favorite videos of the year with The Ultimate Countdown: 10 Best B2B Video Marketing Examples of 2015 Datto’s SIRIS Pancakes video was featured as the “best play on pop culture.”

While our SIRIS is known for protecting critical business data, it’s also known for making some delicious pancakes. Well, not really, but check out the video anyway.

If Datto looks like the type of company you’d enjoy working for (how could it not?), check out our careers page for our current job openings.