Sharing a Beer with a Customer

July 10, 2015

Sharing a Beer with a Customer

By: Melissa Stanton

“You have a Datto?!”

... I screamed across the table. Not because it was loud in the room, not because the person I was talking to was hard of hearing, but because I was excited.

If you asked me three months ago about Inverse Chain Technology™, the Cloud, or Managed Service Providers, I would have looked at you like you had three heads. I was just beginning my journey at Datto, and I knew almost nothing about these seemingly complicated terms.

But, there was one thing I did know: working at Datto is a challenge and a privilege, and I am passionate about my job. So, hearing someone say, “I have a Datto, right on my desk at work!” was very exciting for me.

Let me start from the beginning: I was at a beer dinner at Two Roads Brewery in Stratford, CT when I met this business customer. A beer dinner is basically four or five courses, each paired specifically with a certain type of beer. It was a Friday night and work was pretty much the last thing on my mind.

As we sat down and settled in for what would be a delicious meal, we noticed that we were seated with a "more established" couple, probably in their 60’s. Soon we got to talking, and as all small talk conversations go, we went into what we do for a living. I informed Steve and Gloria, our table mates, that I had just started working for a very cool, modern, and fast-paced tech company in Norwalk called Datto.

“Datto? We have a Datto!” said Gloria. And after a couple of courses (and their respective beer pairings), I was over the moon to hear this news.

Gloria then told me that she and Steve own their own accounting firm and have had a Datto for the past couple of years. Their ALTO helps them back up all of the important confidential financial information they deal with on a daily basis.

I know that our products are sold and used all over the world, so meeting someone from Connecticut who knew and loved Datto was pretty cool. I gushed over how much I loved working for Datto and even increased my credibility by saying, “Basically, we specialize in business continuity and disaster recovery.”

Side Note: I’ve found that the term “Business Continuity” always impresses people. Keep that one in your back pocket.

At the end of this particular night, I reflected on a couple of things. First, I realized that yes, I had only been at Datto for a month, but it didn’t mean that I was a complete newbie. I was able to explain what I do, what Datto does, and how we do it; I could even discuss it with strangers over dinner!

That brings me to my second reflection for the night: Datto provides a really important service for businesses. As small business owners who handle finances, the last thing Steve and Gloria want to worry about is security of their data. With Datto, that worry is nonexistent.

Here at Datto, we are not just building hardware, running scripts, and providing business continuity. We are selling peace of mind.