Read a Partner's "Love Letter" to Datto

June 9, 2017

Read a Partner's "Love Letter" to Datto

By: Chris Brunau

As a channel-only company, we have a pretty close relationship with our partners. Recently, one of our partners, iuvo Technologies, wrote a ‘love letter’ to Datto, and we have to say we feel the same way.

Take a look at what they had to say:

Dearest Datto,

Please forgive me for starting off this letter to you without the beautiful language that you so richly deserve. Please understand that I write this way only so that you can be sure of the dark place from which I have come… the cold, dusty, basement data center from which you have saved me…

I… hate backups.

Actually, “hate” is not strong enough word. I’m frankly not sure if there is a word in the English language that is packed with enough loathing, venom, and anguish to come even close to describing how I have felt about backups.

Until you came along, dearest Datto, and suddenly… everything has changed.

To read the rest of the letter, head over to their website.