Project Manager Honored With DattoByte Award

October 7, 2016

Project Manager Honored With DattoByte Award

By: Chris Brunau

Sharon Malfesi has worked at Datto for four years, so she’s seen a bit of everything. However, she never saw the DattoByte award coming her way last month.

Sharon was on vacation when it was announced that she had won the award, and it took some time for the news to make it her way.

“While I was on vacation, I didn’t have great service. But once I got back to the hotel and got on the wifi, I started receiving tweets, messages and emails saying ‘congratulations’, and I had no idea what was going on. It was really cool to find out once I got back. It was great news, and I was genuinely surprised and thrilled,” said Sharon.

Sharon is a project manager on the software engineering team here at Datto. In addition to her primary role, she also serves as Scrum Master for her teams.

When Sharon started at Datto, she was number 12 in the department. Now that team has grown quite a bit. Sharon often finds herself working with team members not only in Datto’s headquarters in Norwalk but employees in the Rochester office and UK office as well. “It’s a great experience. The only thing you have to watch out for is time zone differences when scheduling meetings,” said Sharon.

Sharon’s main responsibilities include working on the three Datto Core Products teams and managing the entire software engineering process within those teams. This involves managing workflows, overseeing how information is reported out to other departments within Datto and managing the team’s task board. “I kind of see myself as the referee of the process.”

For Sharon, one of the greatest aspects of working at Datto is the comfortable and welcoming environment that has been established here. “At Datto, I feel like I can be myself and nobody questions it. As far as styles and interests, I lead a pretty alternative lifestyle, and knowing that I can show my true self and not get looked at funny is incredible. It just makes me feel good, I can come here and be who I am.”

Sharon was very adamant that she could not have received this recognition without help from her team members. “I want to thank my team for helping me grow into my role. I wouldn’t be where I am if they weren’t there to mentor me as well. It has been really beneficial to my growth, not only at Datto but my career as a whole,” said Sharon.