Moving to the Cloud: A Consultant Joins Datto

June 11, 2015

Moving to the Cloud: A Consultant Joins Datto

By: Chris Brunau

When I left the world of consulting, I wasn’t quite sure what I’d find on the other side. In joining Datto, I was surprised but not disappointed.

In the world of consulting, specifically enterprise IT consulting, a team of professionals are contracted on a project for a given amount of time or to achieve a specific outcome. The projects I was on lasted anywhere from three months to two years, dotted with “deliverables” and sprinkled with “go-lives.” I personally wrote between 150 and 200 status reports and filled out over 300 timesheets. The work is challenging and appealing for a recent Master’s student like myself; I was tasked with solving problems and interfacing with C-level clients, and of course, billing their companies for all my time. In moving to Datto, a technology and product company, I truly didn’t know what to expect. Would I get bored? Would I have the same crippling fear that I’d CC’d the wrong person on the wrong email? Here’s what I found:

It’s all about customer service

Our responsibility to to deliver the best customer experience, period. We have a very singular focus which allows us to do what’s right for our customers at all times.

Healthier relationships with our customers

Our customers are our lifeblood, without a doubt, but that doesn’t mean we’re afraid of them. We work with them to ensure our products do what they need them to. If they don’t, we communicate that fact to our clients and move on.

Our sales team practices a “Customer by Choice” philosophy which flows right through to the Success Team; by the time our customers buy our product, they’re excited about what we can do for them but have a good understanding about what we don’t do. They buy from Datto because they want our solutions to fix their problems, not the other way around.

We are armed with a suite of products that is proven to solve problems, we don’t need to make promises we can’t keep or stretch the sanity of our engineering teams “just to make a customer happy;” they’re already happy because they’re buying from us.

Status reporting?

I no longer pour endless time and effort into administrative documents that no one will read. Our installations take minutes not months. Though we value clear, concise, and transparent communication, we don’t stand on ceremony.

No time sheets

Enough said.

End of project-based work?

You may be asking: “Isn’t the customer service world at a product company just dealing with the same things over and over again?” The answer is no, just no. First: the clients I work with change on a daily basis--as does their industry, their use case, and their location. Second: Datto is a firm believer in management based objectives (MBOs). On a quarterly basis our teams attack different projects to improve our business as a whole, and guess what, if we do them, we get bonuses. No more slogging away on internal projects to wrap up and get a high five and a ten dollar gift card to Starbucks.

Internal projects

That brings me to my last point: Datto believes that internal projects are just as important as externally facing projects, because in the end, both make our business stronger. Because we don’t need to ensure we’re billing time to a particular customer, there is no issue with spending time on a project that your customers won’t feel the effects of immediately: if there is business value in it, you can pursue it.

Blog by Zachary Baum, Onboarding Specialist for the Datto Backupify Customer Success Team