Meet Some Of Datto’s Tech Support Superheroes

August 30, 2016

Meet Some Of Datto’s Tech Support Superheroes

By: Haley Schiffer

In a world full of ever adapting and improving ideas, staying one step ahead of the curve can be a terrifying concept. Luckily, we have some superheroes to help guide us along the way.

These superheroes don’t wear capes, but they are always on the lookout, waiting for their next bat signal. Datto’s tech support team switch between shifts to make sure there is someone available 24/7/365, ready to save the day. Who are these Disaster Recovery heroes? Let’s meet a few of them...

Joel Silvestre has been with Datto for six years. He’s an eyewitness to all of the success and changes Datto has experienced.

“It’s incredibly fulfilling when we help a client who has a server down and thinks they’re going to lose money, but then here comes Datto to save the day.”

Joel moved up the tech support ladder, and went from a level one, to supervisor during the Sunday through Thursday, 8am to 4:30pm shift.

One of Joel’s most memorable times with Datto was his experience throughout Hurricane Sandy. Joel, among many other tech support staff, basically lived in the office, while some were sent to the data center as a failover in case power was lost at the Norwalk headquarters. He and the tech support team ended up virtualizing over 150 servers.

While Ryan Duffy has only been with the company since October 2015, he is already a tech support supervisor in Rochester, working the morning shift from 8am to 4:30pm. Ryan started off working the night shift (Tuesday through Saturday 4pm to 12:30) for nine months, which he explained is very different from the day shift due to the difference in technical resources.

“Outside of disaster recovery there are a lot of abstract issues, you rarely get an easy call or easy ticket at night, because most partners are willing to wait until the next day to open it. If there is any ongoing trouble or very technically intensive trouble, you’re usually thrust into those situations. These make you a lot stronger technically, and give you a lot of exposure to issues you probably wouldn’t be as likely to see in other shifts. It’s a great position to be in if you’re looking to build up your technical acumen, but there definitely is a lot of following up on open tickets from the day and follow-up and maintenance from general support as well.”

According to Ryan, the culture at Datto is very different from working at any other office. While there are many offices around the world, the Datto culture always remains the same.

“The Datto culture is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, coming in from Rochester to the Norwalk headquarters for training for two weeks, it almost seemed too good to be true. It was very refreshing to see this great atmosphere. As far as the night side of things, working in an office with only six or 10 other people at a time makes you become very close knit, almost like it’s a subculture of the Datto family. You work closely with these six to 10 other people and your supervisor, so you learn everyone’s strengths and weaknesses to become a better unit overall. Moving to the day side of things, I was anxious to see how that dynamic was going to work, and much to my approval, it is just like it but on a larger scale. Everyone plays off each other’s strengths and weaknesses to achieve an overall goal. It’s nice to see that the culture can switch over regardless of what shift you work or the people you work with on a regular basis.”

Elisai Echevarria has been with Datto for about a year and a half. While he started off during the brunch shift, which used to be 11 to 7 and now goes from 9:30-6, he chose to switch into the role of overnight tech support supervisor. Eli manages the overnight team, coaching and training them to make sure they have the resources and knowledge to do their job.

"We work on tickets from US, CA, EU, and new markets like Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia. If we are providing support during our shift and its US/CA based, usually something went wrong. For Tickets in EMEA those are typically less critical as their workday starts at 4am, which means we usually get a fairly “normal” ticket flow from them, like what you would see during the day (backup, hardware replacement). We have some interesting challenges with our newer markets. While there is a language barrier, we are working very hard to build up relations with these partners. This audience is also not as familiar with our product, making it a little bit of teaching and understanding what kinds of environments they have and how their Datto device fits into their scheme.”

While the Datto culture is always described as unique, tech support has their own sub-community.

“There’s a family atmosphere with the overnight shift and it’s just amazing. The Datto culture focuses on the fact that everyone is willing to help each other, and teach, but the overnight culture is extra close-knit. They’re like brothers, they work hard and they hold each other to a high esteem.”

Joel exclaimed that Datto is constantly hiring for tech support, and while Ryan explained that these positions usually involve overqualified candidates, being a superhero for Datto is definitely something these employees are proud of.