Meet Ben Townsend, The Latest Winner Of The DattoByte Award

January 18, 2017

Meet Ben Townsend, The Latest Winner Of The DattoByte Award

By: Chris Brunau

While a degree in music and a background in tech support may not have been the most conventional path to becoming a Partner Success Manager, Ben Townsend wouldn’t change a thing.

Ben has worked at Datto for over three years, and he has loved every minute of it. After working in tech support for about a year, Ben had the opportunity to change roles and moved to the sales department as a Partner Success Manager.

Ben’s role acts as an interface between the billing in the sales team and involves facilitating a variety of processes. It can range from billing to support escalations or onboarding.

Recently, Ben was honored with the DattoByte award in recognition of his hard work and dedication to Datto partners. Ben seizes any opportunity and goes above and beyond. Ben helped jumpstart the opening of our Australian office which often involved late nights and early mornings to account for the time zone difference.

“It’s been fun to see Datto grow into other offices, and I have loved being a part of it. When I started with Australia, two people were working there. Now, they have an impressive office in downtown Sydney, and they are experiencing explosive growth,” said Ben.

When Ben received the award, he was shocked, to say the least. “It was humbling and exciting to receive the DattoByte. It was a surreal moment, and the best part was seeing how many people were happy for me afterward, it made me feel like I was representing them as well,” said Ben.

According to Ben, his favorite part of the job is meeting new people and work with so many different departments throughout Datto. “It’s very rewarding to have the ability to work with and learn from so many people throughout the company. My goal is to make their lives easier, and in turn, make our partners’ lives easier,” said Ben.

“There’s no other place like Datto. In the time I have been here, and the growth I have seen has reinforced that. The Datto attitude and family atmosphere has remained, and that’s what makes Datto a special place to work,” Ben added.