Meet A Few Members From Datto's Sales Department

January 4, 2017

Meet A Few Members From Datto's Sales Department

By: Chris Brunau

Despite all working in the sales department at Datto, Alexis Granahan, Kellie Luth and Izabel Guerrero each have different paths that led them to their current roles.

Alexis is a Channel Sales Executive, while Kellie and Izabel are both Partner Success Managers. Alexis initially started off at Datto as a Sales Development Rep, Kellie and Izabel both started off with the tech support team.

However, each of them agrees working at Datto is unlike any other company. One of their highlights is the way Datto treats employees and guarantees they have the tools for success.

“1,000 percent, Datto is the most amazing company I have ever worked for. They treat everyone here with so much respect; it is incredible,” Kellie said. “Datto is a fast-growing company, but we have great support and resources to ensure we have everything we need. Especially as a woman, we have great examples in our leadership team such as Michelle McComb and Emily Glass,” Izabel added.

Alexis had a similar response, “Datto has opened the door for me to grow as an employee and enabled me to get to where I am today. Having the support from sales managers and my team members has made such a huge difference in my growth as a Sales Executive. I feel like Datto invests in their employees and sees the potential in everyone.”

For all three of them, working with partners and building the relationship is a major aspect of their job. For Alexis, the focus is on establishing the relationship and nurturing it and ensuring it continues to grow. For Kellie and Izabel, it also involves working with other departments throughout Datto as more of a liaison.

A common answer among each of them was the family atmosphere and great team they are set up within Datto.

“While it sounds cliche, the people make the job special. We spend so much time together during the workweek; we have become like a family and come to know each other well,” said Izabel.

All three had a similar response when asked what their favorite aspect of working at Datto is.

"Besides working with various team members who I have become friends with at Datto, I enjoy working with partners and building up that relationship. Being able to call them and have a conversation is a nice perk of my role. I like when I get the chance to meet them in person because I can put a face to the name and get to know our partners even better," said Alexis.

Each of these women has enjoyed much success in their career, so they were eager to share their advice for any woman looking to join the tech industry or specifically a company like Datto.

“Be confident in yourself and your skills, but don’t be afraid to seek help when needed.Find a company that not only guides you but challenges you to be the best version of yourself; in doing this you will not only reach your goals but exceed them,” said Alexis.

“Don’t hold back. Don’t let anyone take you away from joining the technology field. There aren’t a lot of females in the field, so it’s important to stick with the tech field if you enjoy it because we need more females in this industry,” said Kellie.

“You don't have to fall into a career that doesn't fit your interests. At a company like Datto, there are so many places for people to succeed, whether or not they have a major background in technology. We have such a variety of people and skill sets here, and that's what make this a unique place to work” said Izabel.