Level Three Tech Support Expert Honored with DattoByte Award

May 26, 2017

Level Three Tech Support Expert Honored with DattoByte Award

By: Chris Brunau

Jeremy Tedesco has been at Datto for about three years now, and his recent recognition for winning the DattoByte award is well-deserved.

The DattoByte is a prestigious award handed out once a month to one employee who exemplifies Datto’s core values or goes above and beyond in their job function to make a difference to employees or partners.

Jeremy knew he was nominated for the award, but it’s safe to say he was incredibly thrilled and surprised when Austin McChord, Datto CEO, announced Jeremy had won in a recent company-wide Town Hall meeting. However, it shouldn’t come as much as a surprise to those who work with Jeremy.

Jeremy is described as having a unique blend of technical insight, partner centricity, tenacity, and simple grit and determination that enables him to manage through desperate situations and salvage partner relationships in times of extreme crisis. It is apparent to everyone involved that Jeremy was going to get the job done no matter what it took.

Sounds like a well-deserved honor to me.

Not only does Jeremy exemplify Datto’s core values, but he loves his job.”Every day is something new. I’m always learning something and digging into something unusual,” Jeremy said.

In addition to being recognized for his hard work in front of the entire company, Jeremy will attend DattoCon in two weeks in Denver.