Jamming at Datto

September 8, 2017

Jamming at Datto

By: Chris Brunau

Jamming at Datto. Who wouldn’t want to learn more? The idea started when Kevin Williams and a few other Datto employees decided they wanted to connect with more people across the company over their shared interest in music.

Kevin has played the piano since a child, and always enjoyed playing with other people in a casual setting. Considering we have a pretty large office in Norwalk, Kevin wanted to turn this into something everyone in the office could be a part of.

“We’re going to keep it simple and see where it takes us. We sent out a few songs suggestions for anyone interested. We want it to be the foundation of something that we can build on and get more employees involved in to enjoy and have fun. People can come to learn, meet more at Datto, and more.”

It’s a way to branch out, outside of your comfort zone. It’s a way to meet more people in the company and break the ice. Music is the best way to do that,” said Kevin.

The first Jamming at Datto will take place the third Thursday of every month.