How To Traumatize A Database Engineer

August 5, 2016

How To Traumatize A Database Engineer

By: Haley Schiffer

You may think the job title alone would be enough to scare some people off, but not Sarah Zaporta. Taking on a new job can be frightening, especially when leaving a company after nine years, but for Sarah this was nothing in comparison to spiders (her biggest fear).

When it was time for Sarah to finish her master’s degree, she knew she wanted to take her skills and passion for technology and put them to good use. That’s when she applied to Datto and within a month later, she was filling out paperwork in DattoU.

Although Sarah’s only spent one month in the Datto world, we decided to put her on the spot and find out about her time here, which she described as “absolutely phenomenal.”

“June 27 was my first day here, since then I’ve been entrusted with a lot of responsibility from the get-go and that’s been quite liberating. I’ve been given enough so I automatically feel like part of the team, rather than other companies who are fairly cautious with new employees. At Datto, they know you have the capacity to do things and they’ll start you off easy, but you get moved into bigger territories very quickly and I like getting into things very fast and learning as quickly as possible.”

So what exactly does Sarah do you might ask? Well, she works in the DattoLabs group, as part of the database team, focusing on maintaining the databases and proposing new changes. A day in the life of Sarah Zaporta may range from solving JIRA tickets that pertain to database systems and finding ways to automate possible database tasks.

“I love how Datto doesn’t say you’re limited to your field,” Sarah said. “It’s very much a creative atmosphere, it’s conducive to communication and everything is structured with a focus on openness, which facilitates communication between teams. The open stairway and floor plan is just really amazing, not to mention the free food.”

Sarah is a big fan of challenging work, and is always excited when she’s introduced to the next level of a task.

“I built a new program my first week here, where it takes a spreadsheet, and spits the contents out into an SQL file, which then goes into the database. It’s a great way to automate data entry.”

“Datto is awesome because it facilities creativity, communication and you’ll never get bored. I’ve been here for less than a month, and it’s just so exciting to see and be a part of the exponential growth.”