How Datto Elevates Take Your Kids To Work Day

May 6, 2016

How Datto Elevates Take Your Kids To Work Day

By: Chris Brunau

For our second annual Kid’s Day, Datto families spent the day in our Norwalk office to enjoy some fun activities and learn about the company.

The day featured an office tour, a Q&A session and drone flight with CEO, Austin McChord, building and programming a Petduino, and a Nerf battle to top it all off.

Dan Fuhry, Senior Software Engineer, created and organized the event.  “When I was 15, I pictures of the Googleplex and said, ‘I want to work there.’  Well, five years later, I made it into an even cooler company.  I want to inspire kids to feel the same way I do about loving your job and working in an awesome environment,” he said.

While flying drones and Nerf fights are certainly fun.  Fuhry wanted to incorporate actual programming for the kids with the Petduinos.

“We wanted a discovery process similar to how Datto's software engineers work on a day-to-day basis.  What better way to do it than with a cute little virtual pet?  The kids were thrilled to see their Petduinos light up with their own names on them.  I'm hopeful that Kids Day was just the beginning for a new generation of makers and developers,” said Fuhry.