Honoring Datto's Veterans

November 11, 2015

Honoring Datto's Veterans

By: Chris Brunau

To celebrate Veterans Day, Datto would like to recognize our employees who served in various branches of the military. We spoke with some of our veterans, and they shared their experience and how their service prepared them for post-military careers.

Mike Hanauer, Director of U.S. Sales, served in the Navy as a Petty Officer and Nuclear Electrical Engineer on an aircraft carrier for including two deployments and 14 months in the Arabian Gulf.

“The school I went to (Naval Nuclear Power Training Command) had an extremely rigorous curriculum where you learned nuclear power and electrical engineering in two years. The school forces you to learn and retain information quickly which helped me tremendously at Datto since I didn't have any background in technology when I walked in the door 4 1/2 years ago.”

David Alley, Chief Human Resources Officer, served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. He served on active duty at Offutt Air Force base in Nebraska, headquarters for Strategic Air Command (SAC). He was eventually promoted and transferred to the Pentagon where he worked in Research and Development (RDEA) under the command of General Thomas Stafford, Commander of the Apollo-Soyuz moon mission.

“I was in Human Resources in the service, flying a nice mahogany desk!  I supported all the engineering personnel in my directorate.  While there, the development team was actively engaged in the Space Shuttle project and the B1 Bomber development. Supporting 200 engineers was really the kickstart to my HR career here on the private side.”

William Toledo, Technical Support Expert, served in the Army as a Staff Sergeant for two deployments in Afghanistan between 2000 and 2007.

“I have learned to be a patient and disciplined man, I have great motivation and strive to better myself in anything I do. I’ve learned not to let bad situations bring me down, but instead see how I can better the situation and survive through it.”

Sean O’Malley, Technical Support Supervisor, served in the Air Force for over three years.

“I found that the ability to multitask and work under pressure were skills of great use to me. When you are dealing with a situation where an entire site is down and you need to go through bringing up servers in the cloud, not getting rattled at the situation allows you to perform better.”

Ricky Cartagena, Technical Support Expert, served in the Navy as Aviation Boatswain's Mate, Aircraft Handler for eight years of active duty.

“The military taught me how to be a highly motivated individual. It opened up my eyes to responsibilities and setting goals for myself. It also taught me that being on time is just as important as managing your time. We learned attention to detail is key, just like at Datto. Any little mess up or mistake can lead to data loss or upset partners and loss of money and production. It’s key to be focused and always pay attention to detail. In the military if you don't do exactly what you are told or pay attention to detail it can put your life or a shipmate's life at risk. I’m grateful for serving my country, but getting out of the service was a huge change for me in changing my career to become an IT professional, and it opened up educational opportunities for me and my daughters. If I had the chance to relive that experience It would be an HONOR to do so!”

Brett Moeller, Inside Sales Representative, served two years of active duty in the Air Force. He was stationed at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas as well as Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, North Carolina. After the Air Force, Brett joined the New York Army National Guard where he has spent the past six years as part of the 104th Military Police Battalion. The 104th's main responsibility is providing law and order in combat areas and natural disasters as well operations in case of a HAZMAT incident around the Northeast.

“The main thing that the military teaches you is honor, integrity and respect. Always have honor for your clients, show corporate integrity and respect your co-workers. Another saying I have in the military is "Mission First....People Always" meaning that you need to take care of your fellow colleagues and help them in anyway you can while staying focused on your mission of closing deals and cultivating your accounts. The military is also an avenue for you to see parts of the country or world that you might not have ever seen before, so it helps in building rapport with the accounts that are in your name.”

At Datto, we're proud to call these veterans our employees. They bring a tremendous amount of skill and dedication to their jobs each and every day. To all the veterans at Datto and beyond, thank you for your service!