Employee Spotlight: Tharani Sansom, Director of European CX Support

July 31, 2019

Employee Spotlight: Tharani Sansom, Director of European CX Support

By: Ornella Gerca

This month we’re excited to feature Tharani Sansom on this Employee Spotlight blog. “TJ” runs Datto’s European CX Support team. Tharani has been with the company for over six years and we were curious to find out and share her recipe for success.

Tharani will also be attending the Women in Business Expo in Farnborough on 17th October 2019. She will be running a short seminar in the Tech Theatre at midday. Please come along and say hello!

You’ve been with the business for six years, tell me about your journey of becoming the Director of European CX Support?

I started my journey as an Implementation Manager within our Customer Experience (CX) Services department. Back then, the team consisted of just four people in Richmond, and we only had one product in our product suite, Autotask PSA. The role worked closely with our MSP partners across EMEA to gain an understanding of their business processes and goals. This helped us to advise them on how best to implement our PSA platform to support their end-to-end business workflows successfully. 16 months later, I was promoted to Manager of Services for EMEA.

As the Manager of Services for EMEA, I had the pleasure of leading our implementation and consulting teams and pre-sales engineering. Over the span of three years, we took a group of eight, across two offices, managing a single product and grew it to a team of 24 across five offices, managing five different products.

When I was expecting my first child in 2017, I decided a change of pace was in order. I accepted a new role as Global Service Operations Manager, focused on improving internal CX processes and implementing new service offerings.

Forward to May 2018, and you find me back in the fast lane, leading an extraordinary team of individuals that form Datto’s European CX Support organization.

Why CX Support at Datto?

Datto shares my passion for delivering our partners the best in class service and support. This passion resonates from our founder Austin McChord to our CEO Tim Weller and CXO Chris McCloskey, to our teams on the front lines. I've been in the industry for 15 years, and it's not often that you find a company that is willing to invest in CX Support to the level Datto is. Our CX Support teams are best in class and I feel privileged to lead them.

What do you love about Datto?

Not only is Datto an incredible technology-led company willing to invest in our ability to support our partners, but the company also genuinely cares about its employees. There is an importance placed on employee wellbeing, with regular checks taken in the form of the Datto Beat surveys, annual reviews, and mid-year check-ins. In our offices, you can find benefits such as wellness and relaxation rooms, sleep pods, yoga sessions, confectionary corners, and games, to name just a handful. What's key though is that Datto hires individuals that are committed to "do your life's work”. And they provide employees with the tools, environment, and support so they CAN do it. As a result, Datto has created a culture fueled with fun, intelligent, passionate, and highly capable individuals who strive to go above and beyond every single day.

How have you found working in the IT industry as a woman?

It is well known that there is a significant gender imbalance in the IT industry in general and most importantly, in leadership roles.

I've had numerous meetings in which you know from the minute you walk into the meeting room that you are being underestimated based upon gender. In most, I do believe it's unconscious behavior. However, it's a shame it is there at all. That said, in my experience, knowledge, and capabilities have always trumped preconceived conceptions. Being underestimated can make it easier for us to impress! This status quo has not prevented me or hindered me from striving to be the best in what I do and reach for roles which will fulfill me, including leadership roles.

Datto empowers women and men alike to excel in their fields. We have women on our Executive team and all the way out to our front lines in the support team. In fact, Datto has recently introduced Greenhouse Inclusion, which focuses on removing unconscientious biases, and to non-intrusively interrupt decision making processes to proactively level the playing field for all candidates.

Are you interested in pursuing a career in CX Support, in a fast-paced tech environment? Check out our current job openings or email us directly at recruiting@datto.com.