Datto's Women In Technology Blog Series: Julie Almeida & Dineen Forest

December 29, 2016

Datto's Women In Technology Blog Series: Julie Almeida & Dineen Forest

By: Chris Brunau

In this blog series, women at Datto will post stories from their interviews of each other. This week, we hear from Julie Almeida, Partner Success Manager, and Dineen Forest, Director of Human Resources.

Datto’s culture is unique featuring a wide range of ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. However, we all have one major attribute in common: passion. The Datto culture allows all employees to feel comfortable and be themselves, so I find they are also happier. Dineen noticed this too, and that’s what brought her here.

Dineen came from the private equity sector prior to Datto. Once Dineen set foot at Datto, she immediately noticed the smiles on everyone’s faces, and knew this was the place to be. “We may be tired on Friday morning from a long week, or stressed from a late night prior, but that doesn’t stop the smiles on the employee’s faces,” she noted, “If you see people miserable all day long, it makes your day miserable because you’re focused on fixing the misery.”

Dineen also wanted to make sure she wasn’t forced into being an HR cop. At Datto, she can focus on all the HR functions that the company requires. Whether it’s helping Recruiting with interviews, onboarding, performance and employee management, or benefits; this shared vision allows her to have honest conversations with employees and work to resolve the situation in the best manner she sees fit.

Since Dineen and I had some of the same reasons for being attracted to Datto, I was curious what advice she had for anyone wanting to work in technology without the existing industry experience. She noted people take their jobs very seriously, but not themselves. This is evident when she describes herself as “the most inappropriate HR person you’ll ever meet.” Throughout her career, she has learned that not being a stone-faced director is one of the best ways to ensure employees can approach her. She is also quick to note that we can stop ourselves from success if we try to be perfect at everything. It’s okay to make mistakes and learn from them, even if we are striving to be the perfect mom or woman.

For Dineen, confidence is a driver that she has every day, and if you’ve met her you would know that she carries it well. According to Dineen, we may subconsciously hold ourselves back without knowing it due to a lack of confidence. She said it is important to have confidence in yourself, and “fake it till you make it;” people will believe in you when you believe in yourself. I can say from first-hand experience, this approach works. When I started at Datto, I didn’t have the prior experience working in a tech firm, but I build on that everyday. My confidence when working with others allowed me to build trust more and more as I worked with them.

Dineen admitted even as she works to be the best she can be at work and home, she still needs the mornings to start on her own time, and her coffee. This allows her to get started for what lies ahead, and sets her up for success.

The Women in Technology blog series is coordinated by Customer Experience Innovations project coordinator, Rachel Powers.