Datto’s Women In Technology Blog Series: Heather Gallant & Lindsay Henderson

September 22, 2016

Datto’s Women In Technology Blog Series: Heather Gallant & Lindsay Henderson

By: Samantha Ciaccia

In this blog series, women at Datto will post stories from their interviews of each other. This week, we hear from Heather Gallant, VIP Support Supervisor for Tech Support, and Lindsay Henderson, Director of Partner Success.

I first met Lindsay Henderson when she held a webinar explaining the Partner Success Department. Like me, Lindsay has an extensive non-tech academic background. She has her undergraduate degree in Sales and Marketing, along with her Juris Doctorate. I have two undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Social Work and will have my Master’s in Public Administration in December 2016. After graduating from law school, Lindsay was torn between continuing law or joining Datto where her boyfriend (now husband) works.

I faced a similar decision after completing my degree in Social Work. At the end of my second year at the College at Brockport, I obtained a student position in the IT Department. I loved working in technology and adored my co-workers. When I graduated, I had to choose between a life of helping others navigate services or helping users navigate computers. I was offered a full-time position managing their IT Help Desk at the college and accepted the position after some soul searching and parental guidance.

After five years in the college’s IT Department, I had hit a ceiling. My brother attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for Datto’s Rochester office where he met Austin McChord and toured the office. Knowing I was eager for more challenging work, he urged me to apply. In March 2015 I was hired at Datto, not knowing much about it other than that it seemed like a great place to work.

One of my favorite professors, Alex Kralles, used to say, “If a process is holding you up, there’s got to be a better way.” Lindsay uses her marketing knowledge and persuasiveness to be a change agent. “I got to where I am now by, getting into Datto and paying attention to what Datto needs,“ she said. With foresight and management sponsorship, she was promoted from an Account Manager to the Director of Partner Success, a department that was created to fulfill the company's needs per her suggestion.

This past April I was given the opportunity to help launch the VIP Support program, a new Beta program for our Advisory Board Members. I followed Lindsay’s recipe by getting into the company and paying attention to what it needs. Through dedication and support from my manager, Jason Elston, Director of Technical Support for North America, this Beta now offers a specialized team focused on retaining and growing the sales of our top partners.

Much like Lindsay, I proved myself by seeing where the gaps were. In August I was promoted from Technical Support Expert to VIP Support Supervisor. Starting out as a young woman who took a job at a college IT Help Desk, I never thought I’d work at a place with so much opportunity. Neither did Lindsay. “If I was a musician I would be the songwriter, not the musician. But sometimes you have to perform in order to get your song out there,” she said.  And that is the beauty of working for a tech company like Datto.

The Women in Technology blog series is coordinated by Customer Experience Innovations project coordinator, Rachel Powers.

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