Datto's Own Rockstar

August 19, 2016

Datto's Own Rockstar

By: Haley Schiffer

He’s a developer! He’s a designer! He’s an opera singer?

Get ready for the weirdest mix of talents ever to come out of Datto. Not only has Ian O’Brien, Datto’s Director of Digital Marketing, designed and developed websites, but he also plays several instruments and has performed at Carnegie Hall.

So how does one stumble upon all these crazy talents? I sat down with Ian to find out.

Ian spent his earlier years as a musician, traveling to sing across the United States.

After trying to convince me that he found Datto on Craigslist, Ian admitted to being contacted on LinkedIn by a recruiter who had an opening. Turns out Ian wasn’t exactly looking for Datto, but  became intrigued when he found out about their quick growth.

“I was hired when it was just under 200 employees and now we’re just under 700. I think we’re going to continue that upward trajectory so it’s pretty exciting to be a part of the rocketship that is Datto.”

 Two years later and Ian has become head of all the global marketing websites. “I manage a team of designers and developers who market our product to people who probably haven't heard of us before. I help manage all the uptime and server balancing with support from an awesome Infrastructure Engineering team; I also work very closely with the Demand Generation team, making sure we get leads to the sales team quickly. Our other charter is working with the Content team for content marketing so they can push out material at a velocity of about two pieces a day. It’s great because this past year we’ve published over 1,200 pieces of content, which is more than we have published in the history of Datto.”

How did Ian get involved with technology from the opera world? After spending many nights in his basement learning to code, Ian discovered a hidden talent. He started working as a web developer and hasn’t looked back since. While he enjoyed singing, Ian realized that it wasn’t the career path for him.

One of his most memorable moments at Datto, was his interview. “I had two interviews before I started, one with marketing leadership and the second with Datto CEO and Founder, Austin McChord, who asked various questions. The most important being, ‘we’re going to grow into a big company, does that excite you or does that scare you?’ I said it sounded pretty exciting, and I started two weeks later.”

Ian’s favorite part about Datto is the attitude of people around here, especially “the ‘go get em’ attitude and everyone’s excitement to try new things.”

“I like the chaos of it... it keeps you busy and you never get into a routine, there’s always something new you’re trying and racing toward.”