Datto Training Day Two: Starting To Get  A Hang Of This

June 27, 2016

Datto Training Day Two: Starting To Get A Hang Of This

By: Haley Schiffer

Datto has been more welcoming than my family at Passover.

While my brain was still half mush, I was excited to see everyone again so I got up, skipped my coffee, and put on something that was NOWHERE near as dressy as when I came in the first day. Side note, I wore a full suit and a silk top my first day…it was embarrassing.

After finally knowing exactly where to park, I followed the rest of the interns back up to our little corner. We all sat down, a little more relaxed than the day before, and got right into learning.

Before I knew it, it was 11 AM and it was time for all of us to take a little break and go to the Monroe build facility. This was the worst part. Everyone made it seem so easy, all you have to do is take the elevator to the lower level and the buses will be right there. Easy, right? Wrong. I got lost and wandered around until a member of the training team found me.

Sooner rather than later we were at the build facility. My crew and I (this is how I’ll be referring to all the new hires/ interns because everyone was pretty awesome) went on to explore the facility. Everyone was incredibly welcoming and although their team was small, they are top-notch.

Then came lunch time. As we settled in and had our lunches, the crew networked. Or at least I’m calling it networking. Okay fine, we all just talked and told each other our life stories.

The crew got back on the buses and came back to headquarters, where we finished our lesson for the day and said goodbye to everyone. I think I forgot to mention this before, but one of the coolest parts of Datto is the fact that they have a lot of different offices all over the world so there were people from Rochester, Boston, Canada, Australia, and the UK offices visiting for training.

To be continued...