Datto: The Biggest Hidden Gem

May 18, 2015

Datto: The Biggest Hidden Gem

By: Samantha Ciaccia

I remember when I got the offer to come interview at Datto.  It was three years ago and I was working for an event production company based in Rhode Island.  My position included planning and implementing lighting and décor services for weddings and events held in the Newport Mansions.  I was one year out of college and on paper, the job was perfect for me.

The truth was, it didn’t make me happy and that really surprised me. I learned an unbelievable amount about business, professionalism, and myself but it was time to move on so I sent my resume to Datto. After getting a call from Datto, I did more research.

Cloud, technology, backup and disaster recovery were among the many words that turned me off.  I knew nothing about technology and the cloud was a grandiose idea that I honestly didn’t fully understand. My Mother told me “do the interview, if for nothing else – practice.” I am very thankful I took her advice (moms always know best).

When I arrived at Datto for the interview, every single person that I met was real.  The average employee appeared to be in their 20s.  I felt overdressed in my business suit and heels since the majority of employees were wearing jeans, flip flops, and their favorite t-shirt.  Everyone looked happy and comfortable.

I soon learned that Datto makes it’s own rules and is truly a company for the people, by the people.  The culture at Datto is relaxed and fun. From slushy machines to sleeping pods and free lunch Friday…maybe I’ve never made a waffle at work or taken a nap but I can. And that’s what it’s all about.

If you think about it, your job is where you spend 40 hours per week, 2,080 hours per year, and where I’ve spent 6,240 hours these past three years. If we’re spending the majority of our days at work, it should be enjoyable.  And if you’re lucky – FUN.

Datto employees are family.  Even though we spend this absurd amount of time together, a lot of us choose to continue to spend time together outside of work.  We get together for the holidays, Cinco de Mayo, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.  Some of the worst corporate parties I’ve been to are the ones held at the office.  It’s nearly impossible to turn cubicles into a fun environment.  Datto spoils us by hosting our celebrations at the Maritime Aquarium, among the sharks, or on an evening cruise to Manhattan and back.

All of this aside, our passion here at Datto is contagious.  We’re a team that cares deeply about our customers and stands behind our technology and we’re motivated to constantly improve our technology for customers.

I have the opportunity to travel in my position, and meet our customers face to face around the world. It’s rewarding and inspiring to hear real world stories about how Datto helps them sleep better at night.

As intimidating as the IT industry was at first, I feel like I’ve really found a home here!