Datto Techs Attend ChannelPro SMB Forum

December 6, 2016

Datto Techs Attend ChannelPro SMB Forum

By: Chris Brunau

Recently, two Tech Support Experts represented Datto at ChannelPro SMB Forum in Boston. Nick Becker and Jeff Henderson were both selected as Tech Support MVPs and were given the opportunity to hit the road and experience another side of Datto.

According to Jeff, it was a good time overall. He and Nick had the chance to work with Christine Gassman from Business Development and Mike McHugh from Sales. While on the trip, they were able to get to know Christine and Mike a little better.

While at the event, Nick and Jeff were responsible for working at the Datto booth and speaking with attendees about Datto including some current Datto partners. “It was interesting to meet some of the partners I had worked with on tickets in the past. It was nice to a put a face to the name,” said Jeff.

Aside from Datto partners, Jeff and Nick also met attendees who were unfamiliar with Datto.

“Speaking with attendees who were unfamiliar with Datto was a unique experience. However, they were really receptive and interested in what we had to offer,” said Nick.

As Jeff and Nick both agreed, it was great to see Datto bring home some awards and get recognition for the hard work the company does every day.