Datto Tech Support MVPs Get A Unique Chance To Interact With Partners

April 15, 2016

Datto Tech Support MVPs Get A Unique Chance To Interact With Partners

By: Chris Brunau

Datto Technical Support Experts are vital to the success of the company. They interact with partners on a daily basis and keep devices in top shape to protect data. However, it isn’t often that Tech Support members have the opportunity to meet with partners in person.

Thanks to a new program, that’s going to change. To honor our outstanding team members, Tech Support MVPs are selected within tech support. These MVPs (two from Norwalk and two from Rochester) travel with our Business Development team to an event or roadshow to get a different perspective on Datto.

Recently, Michael Mansfield, Michael Smith, Jaden Robideau, Zac Shannon and Stephen Homick headed to the XChange Solution Provider 16event in Los Angeles

“It was unusual to be on the other side of Datto. I realized how well Rob and his team do at these events. They really build and maintain an incredible relationship with the channel,” said Robideau.

“It was incredible seeing the Business Development team at work. It really brought the process of bringing on a new partner full-circle for me, from the initial conversations to ongoing interactions with support,” said Mansfield.

It not only provided a great experience for the tech team, but for partners and prospective partners as well. They broke out of their typical cycle and got a first-hand experience of how Datto forms partnerships. In addition, the techs provided a perspective for partners that may not be available outside of their department.

“The coolest part was to get live feedback from partners. It provided great insight into the support process. Generally a call to support doesn’t have much time for small talk. It was nice to casually speak with partners and get positive feedback and interact on a more personal level,” said Smith.

Everyone agreed that one of the best parts was sitting in on the demos. “It was like watching a movie with someone when you’ve already seen it, watching their reactions. Seeing how impressed they were by the devices made me feel great,” said Homick.