Datto Tech Support Invades Business Development Team

May 25, 2016

Datto Tech Support Invades Business Development Team

By: Chris Brunau

To better understand every aspect of Datto, and innovate new ways to improve the customer experience, the Tech Support team started “invading” other departments. Lead by Kevin Methe, Technical Support Supervisor, the invasions give techs the chance to work with other departments to better understand how they operate and use this knowledge to improve their support to partners.

In their most recent invasion, members of the technical support team joined the Business Development team at ASCII Milwaukee. Over the course of the two-day event, the techs met with prospective partners and embedded themselves in the Business Development team.

“It’s important for us to understand how other parts of Datto work, and how these road shows generate new buying partners. In support, we don’t always get to see how the product is sold or brought to market, so this was an incredible opportunity, really an eye-opening experience,” said Methe.

In addition to seeing other departments in action, the techs also enjoyed interacting with partners and hearing their praise.

Our techs often hear second-hand how great their support is, but it isn’t often they get positive feedback in person. “It was nice to hear how much our partners like our support, and that they appreciate a local company,” said Taylor Palmiere, Technical Support Expert.

According to Stephen Riccio, Technical Support Expert, “it was nice to interact with the Datto partners and get some positive feedback. We also had the chance to really impress them with the Datto solution.”

As the techs agreed, it was incredible to see Rob Rae and his team in action. Whether it’s talking to partners or running an entire show, it’s nothing short of impressive.

Kyle Wagner, Technical Support Expert, says, “Rob is amazing, he’s on a different level. When you compare his presentation to other vendors, it’s like night and day. His energy and experience shows how devoted Datto is to our partners.”