Datto Tech Support Hits The Road For ASCII Success Summit

December 21, 2016

Datto Tech Support Hits The Road For ASCII Success Summit

By: Chris Brunau

Recently, Marc Ientilucci, a Datto Tech Support Expert, and Carleen Johnson Technical Support Supervisor, had the opportunity to travel to the ASCII Success Summitt in Newport, Rhode Island on behalf of Datto.

According to Marc and Carleen, the event provided them with a great chance to go out on the road and interact with some Datto partners. This was a good opportunity for them to chat with partners and determine if there were any issues they were facing that could be resolved.

While at the event, Marc and Carleen were a great source of technical knowledge for attendees to learn more about the Datto solution. “It was nice to meet with partners and hear all the great things they had to say about Tech Support and the Datto solution. Also, non-partners showed a lot of interest in Datto and asked a ton of great questions that I was happy to answer,” said Marc.

As Marc and Carleen agreed, one of the highlights of the trip was the chance to work with other members of the Datto team outside of tech support and make some new friends. “Rob's team is very high energy, focused, and goal driven. Seeing him in action was the best part. He owned each room he stepped in, and it’s clear how admired he is,” Carleen said.