Datto Tech MVPs Head To TeamLogic IT Event

November 17, 2016

Datto Tech MVPs Head To TeamLogic IT Event

By: Chris Brunau

Thanks to their hard work on the Tech Support team, Kat Benitez and John Boyer were both honored with the Tech Support MVP award and had the opportunity to represent Datto at the recent TeamLogic IT event in Tampa.

While at the event, Kat and John worked with members of the Datto Sales and Business Development teams to represent Datto and network with partners as well as interested IT professionals who may be less familiar with the company.

For both John and Kat, they relished the opportunity to work with Rob Rae, VP of Business Development. In addition to Rob, they also worked with Patrick DeAngelis, Chanel Sales Executive, at Datto. This provided a unique and fresh perspective compared to their usual roles as Tech Support Experts.

According to Kat, it was a nice opportunity to integrate with some other Datto employees outside of tech support. It gave her and John a chance to see the similarities and differences of their roles and walk a bit in someone else's shoes.

In addition, they had the opportunity to interact with partners face-to-face in a more relaxed environment, compared to interacting with partners on support tickets.

“It was a really good experience to put the face to the voice. We had the opportunity to meet with some partners that we have worked with in the past, and that was a nice touch,” said John.

As Kat added, “It was nice to hear the positives and understand exactly what our partners are happy about and what their pain points may be. It was great to see how much they really enjoy partnering with Datto.”

In addition to Datto partners, John and Kat also interacted with other attendees who were less familiar with Datto. This gave them the chance to answer any technical questions about the Datto solution thanks to their expert knowledge of the Datto solution.

As John and Kat agreed, they are both looking forward to their next opportunity to get out on the road and represent Datto.