Datto Sales Spotlight: Jeff Benedetti, Director of Sales - Partner Acquisition

May 29, 2019

Datto Sales Spotlight: Jeff Benedetti, Director of Sales - Partner Acquisition

By: Kimberly Beechy

We’re always looking for top talent to join our Sales Team here at Datto! We know that having a clear career progression plan is necessary to attract and retain the best salespeople in the industry so Datto takes the following steps to ensure our sales professionals are presented with an enriching experience filled with opportunity:

  • Datto prioritizes promoting from within whenever possible. In 2018 alone, we saw over 10 percent of our sales force promoted internally and we expect that number to be even higher in 2019.
  • We understand that career paths are not a one size fits all. Every individual has his or her own professional goals and definition of success. We have more than 30 different sales roles at Datto, which provides flexibility for career growth.
  • Individuals on the Sales Team may also have the opportunity to explore other departments if their skill sets and interests align.
  • The sales team comes together at the beginning of each year for a sales kickoff event to discuss the previous years’ achievements and to set goals and expectations moving forward. This is also when our top achievers are announced as Presidents Club members and are awarded an all-expense paid trip to a luxury destination.

I sat down with Jeff Benedetti, Datto’s Director of Sales in the US, to discuss his own experience and get his advice on what it takes to succeed here.

  • Why did you decide to come to work for Datto? “I decided to work for Datto because I saw a company that was in hyper-growth mode, with disruptive technology, and that was defining a market. Datto's core values and culture was a fit, being a part of a team that values and trusts employees are important to me.”
  • What does it take to be a successful salesperson with Datto? “To be a successful salesperson at Datto, you need to have strong sales acumen, high aptitude, and a positive attitude. Our team consists of sales professionals that have a constant desire to succeed, drive results, and evolve in a fast-paced environment.”
  • How many internal promotions (in Sales) did you see in 2018 in the US? “40 percent of my sales team was promoted from within and the majority of our Sales Management Team was also promoted from within. Datto's Sales Team has more than doubled since I started in January 2015; professional development tied with internal promotions has allowed us to scale quickly.”
  • What does a day in the life of the Director of Sales look like? “Datto's growth and my team's impact to Datto's success is at the core of my responsibilities. No two days are alike, but what I can say about a day in the life is that I need to move fast and constantly push the needle to drive results for our continued success.”
  • If you had one piece of advice for someone starting out their sales career, what would it be? “My advice for someone starting out in a sales career is to be coachable, solicit feedback, be receptive to feedback, and adapt quickly. Sales is an acquired skill, for people starting out in a sales career, it is important to give it 110 percent effort and constantly find ways to improve your craft.”

Are you interested in pursuing a career in sales, in a fast-paced tech environment? Check out our current job openings or email directly at recruiting@datto.com.

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