Datto Rochester Collects Over 2,000 Pairs Of Socks For Families In Transition

March 10, 2017

Datto Rochester Collects Over 2,000 Pairs Of Socks For Families In Transition

By: Chris Brunau

When Jean Massey saw a story on the local news about Families In Transition, she knew she had to get involved. Families In Transition is a charity organization providing necessities like socks and coats to families looking to get back on track in the Rochester area.

Massey is the HR Business Partner at Datto’s Rochester office, and she spearheaded the effort along with Cat McGrath, Technical Support Expert and Heather Gallant, VIP Support Supervisor.

“This was a local effort in the Rochester office. Our Rochester offices are mainly comprised of Tech Support and Development and QA. We learned that these teams can be really competitive, which is a good problem to have when you’re running a charity event,” said Cat.

To say the drive was a success would be a major understatement. Over 2,000 pairs of socks were donated, along with over $300 to purchase additional socks for Families In Transition. However, the group is still accepting donations.

As Jean, Cat, and Heather all agreed, they are always looking to get involved and help out, wherever the need is. Anyone in the Rochester office can contact Heather, Cat, Jean, or Michelle Gallagher. All Datto employees are also welcome to reach out through the Charity Committee Homepool page or email charity@datto.com with ideas.

“We’re always looking for where the need is. Discussions are ongoing, but if there is anyone at Datto that brings us an idea, we’ll put it at the top of the pile. We pay a lot of attention to issues that employees are passionate about or have a connection to,” said Cat.