Datto Employee Puts His Skills to The Test

October 19, 2018

Datto Employee Puts His Skills to The Test

By: Chris Brunau

Justin Bacco is the Senior Security Engineer at Datto responsible for looking for vulnerabilities or poor implementations that may put Datto at risk and managing the Penetration Testing Program at Datto.

For a job like this, continuing to improve skills and stay sharp are imperative to keep the company safe from the ever-evolving threats today.

“My goal is to find vulnerabilities before the bad guys do,” Justin said. “Datto provides a unique opportunity to use a variety of hacking skills unlike most companies. I’m constantly learning about new technologies and there some very advanced, fun, and exciting exploits to explore,” Justin added.  

To further his skills, Datto recently sent Justin SANS Institute event in Washington, D.C. where he underwent an SEC 660 training course, an advanced Penetration Testing, exploit writing, and ethical hacking course.

The five-day long event was called SANS Fire 2018, For five straight days, Justin underwent a rigorous boot-camp style schedule. At the culmination of the event, there was a Capture the Flag tournament called NetWars Core, an offensive hacking competition. The competition consists of two days of three hours each with the goal to challenge your skills and track down a hacker in a Star Wars themed game. After some packet analysis, you track your way through their steps and determine what files are infected and how the attacker went through the process.

Justin quickly worked his way through the ranks of the game and found himself among the top five leaders after day one. Eventually earning the top-five spot in the solo competition. As recognition, Justin received a certificate, commemorative coin, and an invitation to the tournament of champions in December. Justin skills will again be put to the test in Washington, D.C.

“The last competition really shined a spotlight on my weak points, so I'm using the Tournament of Champions as a reason to work on those.  Now that I know what to expect, I’m going for gold.”

Of course, Justin is looking forward to the competition and continuing to sharpen his skills as he prepares for the GXPN certification in November.

“I’ve been studying non-stop for this exam and preparing. There’s a lot of material to take in, but I’m getting brand new skills every day,” Justin said.

Stay tuned for more about Justin’s competition in the coming months.