Datto Hosts Inaugural Connecticut Technology Council HR Forum

May 31, 2016

Datto Hosts Inaugural Connecticut Technology Council HR Forum

By: Chris Brunau

Attracting top tech talent to Connecticut is a concern that Datto and the Connecticut Technology Council share. At the inaugural HR Forum hosted at Datto, HR professionals gathered to discuss best practices for attracting and retaining millennial tech talent in Connecticut.

For the CTC, that involves connecting with the top tech companies as well as the local universities. According to the CTC, for Connecticut to remain globally competitive in the tech sector, we must work together to generate, attract and retain a robust talent pipeline. The forum is designed to bring people together and generate discussion on key issues. To attract the premiere talent, it often takes more than competitive compensation and benefits. As the CTC has found out, there are other factors such as work/life balance, room for growth, and a community atmosphere. The millennial workforce wants to feel that the company is investing in them and is in tune with their goals.

The forum panel included Betsy Gilbert, Director of Human Resources, iDevices; Patti Moran, Director of Career Placement, College of Arts & Sciences, Sacred Heart University; Ashley Pederson, Internship & Co-op Program Coordinator, UConn Center for Career Development; and Chrissy Semenza, Manager of Talent Acquisition, Enterprise Holdings.

Each of the members discussed what their respective companies or universities are doing to connect the top tech talent with the premiere tech companies across the state.