Datto Honored By Norwalk's Carver Foundation

April 12, 2017

Datto Honored By Norwalk's Carver Foundation

By: Chris Brunau

Datto is thrilled to be honored by Norwalk’s Carver Foundation with the Community Builder Award. The 2017 Child of America Gala takes place on April 28, where Austin McChord will accept the award on behalf of Datto.

The Carver Foundation is an asset to the Norwalk community thanks to initiatives such as after-school programs, summer learning, college scholarships, sports teams, and more.

Through Datto’s Charity Committee, we have maintained a close relationship with the Carver Foundation by offering monetary donations, volunteering at the foundation, and bringing students to the Norwalk headquarters to learn more about Datto.

Nick Hagen, Chairman of the Charity Committee, is thrilled with the honor and says none of this would be possible without Austin. “I’m glad Austin is accepting this award on behalf of Datto. None of this would be possible without him, so he deserves the recognition.”

Nick added, “It’s awesome to see the hard work of the Datto family making such an impact, and this award shows how appreciative and thankful they are for all the help we have provided,” said Hagen.

To learn more about the gala and the amazing work the Carver Foundation does, check out their website.

The Datto Charity Committee is excited to start the spring season off strong and is looking forward to doing even more in the coming months.